Guido Monte was born in 1962. His books and translations have been published by the Italian houses Rubbettino and Ed. Della Battaglia. He teaches Italian and Latin literatures at the Liceo "G. Meli" of Palermo, Sicily (Italy).

He wrote also about his friendship with the Italian free thinker Sergio Quinzio (see: Guido Monte, Ultima lettera, in Sergio Quinzio—profezie di un'esistenza a cura di M. Iritano, Rubbettino). His first poetry book was Tremila mondi in un solo istante di vita ("Three thousand worlds in just a flash of life," 2000), with Vittorio Cozzo. His first translation was on the English writer Patrick Waites, Palermo beat.

In his most recent works, he employs linguistic blending in the search for new and deeper relations between different cultures; initial experiments are on Words without Borders, the Japanese Happa no-kofu and other multilingual magazines (see,, and About his vision of linguistic blending (and Cosmopolitan multilingualism), see

Monte has been contributing his work to Swans since May 2006. He often works in collaboration with other friends, poets, and his students. His work can be accessed in the yearly archives, at:

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One of the marks of a great poet is that he creates his own family of words and teaches them to live together in harmony and to help one another.
--Gerald Brenan

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