Vote for America, My Love

by Eli Beckerman

September 20, 2004   


Lurching forward, shortsighted, reactionary, lost.
The mighty colossus must be slowed at all costs.
Two voices vying for her reins,
One will yank her rightward, with no turning back,
One will knock her wayward left, jumping off her tracks.

Forward, without looking back.
Forward, without looking out to see who may be trampled.
Forward, without measure, purpose, or reason.
Forward, intertia-bound, to her end.

Thieves and cowards claim her story as their own,
Two voices vying to make their claim known.
I was a hero who didn't run from the fight.
But I am the hero who knows her full might.
You are the coward who misled and derailed.
But you are the coward who lied and prevailed.

And all the long while while our freedoms are lost,
You all act in unison to hide the true cost.
Globalize weapons sales and you call it free trade,
It's the price of peace, you say, we must show them the way.

Well our history's stench of this burden to enlighten,
Pollutes those ideals that we've always been citing.
Democracy in the Middle East plus affordable oil,
Is exactly the swap for your blood and your toil.

No, there's another America that is lost in this haze,
The New Colossus in Liberty's torch remains fully ablaze.
It's a light that she shares with her mates back in France,
It's alive in the bosoms in every mother's stance.

We share this earth with all human kind,
And all the plants and animals, not just those we find.
And all the oceans, creeks, rivers and rains,
In all of her mountains and valleys and plains.

It is all of her majesty that we must endeavor to know,
When pulling the lever for her friend or her foe.
Where are we going, with what purpose and why?
Is it possible to get there? It's your duty to try.

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Eli Beckerman is a Green Party activist.

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Published September 20, 2004
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