Assia de Nocumento

by Gerard Donnelly Smith

September 6, 2004   


With this poem, I give notice that you are a nuisance,
a nuisance whom this poem removes from the premises.

By your action you have disturbed the peace,
caused damage to property and loss of life.
By your words you have misled, distorted and lied,
causing irreparable harm to the institution you represent.
By your deeds you have limited freedom, restricted liberty,
caused delay, disrupted social order and invaded privacy.

Now by your mere presence you annoy the population;
your voice alone causes discord and discontent.
Now your face brings tears to the dispossessed;
outrage from the disenfranchised.
Now even your shadow or rumors of your arrival
sends children screaming for their parents.

If you were merely drunk, then a holding-tank would suffice,
but you are drunk with power, blinded by arrogance.
If you were merely stupid, then we would suffer you kindly,
but your stupidity follows from your ideology.
If you were merely a fool, then to the stage consign you,
but your foolishness is unintended: laughter's pointless.

So, I have no choice but to remove you from my heart,
from my mind, and from my life. You will become
as one invisible to me, nor shall I hear your words
or suffer the indignation of your touch.

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Published September 6, 2004
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