The Resurrected Dead-Horse

by Gerard Donnelly Smith


November 15, 2004   


Despite the flesh's corruption and overwhelming stench,
the dead-horse rider spurs on the dead horse
made whole by wholly unreasonable means: fear and faith.
Beside him, other dead-horse riders rally to the clarion call—
War and Death; Pestilence and Famine—
the Hounds of Hell already across the river,
fox scent in nostrils, drool foaming from their mouths.
Beneath them, the dead horses keep dying, then keep rising again:
each an equine Lazarus stitched together from sacred texts,
secret agendas, and political capital.
Behind them, the cheering grandstand crowd, oblivious,
convinced by speed that speed outlives endurance,
put their intellect out to pasture, place their bets on long shots
despite the odds, despite the evidence that foxes can outrun
dead horses, and often feed dog meat to their young.

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The Dead Horse (for John and Gilles)

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Published November 15, 2004
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