Liberal Evangelical

by Scott Orlovsky

Prose Poem

November 29, 2004   


moral values you say—
of who?
the self-lobotomized bigots?
the televangelist blackshirts?
the ritual cannibalists awaiting the rapture?

but thou shall not question the puritanical morality of the Christian
far right instead you idiotic mislabeled Democrats drift a little right
yourselves and rubber-stamp their world view

but before you drift too far we should first
take a little peak at the hirstory of the Christian far right

the far right Constantine ordered
the demolition of polytheistic peoples' sacred groves and shrines
the torching of their books and shattering of their icons
and outlawed their songs, dances, and holidays

the far right bishop Cyril incited a Christian mob in Alexandria
to attack the brilliant philosopher Hypatia on her way to the Library
and they dragged her to a church and mercilessly scooped away her flesh
with oyster shells

the far right Charlemagne beheaded 4500 Saxon nobles
in one day for refusing to be baptized and convert
and his army ruthlessly tortured entire Odinist families
and massacred 2/3 of all Saxon people in 30 years of genocide

the far right with self-righteous assurance tortured dissenters
with the wheel, the rack, iron maidens, vaginal pears,
and other apparatuses of intense pain
from the most sadistic depths of their twisted imaginations

the far right organized the Inquisition
to seek out and punish heretics hiding in villages and cities
and clerics used the threat of sin, guilt, and eternal damnation
to control the flock through fear and terror

the far right Saint Jerome declared that
women could not use reason
and Saint Ambrose decided that
women were lustful by nature and escorted men into sins of the flesh

the far right wrote the Malleus Maleficarum
to identify, torture, drown, and burn alive
poor, defenseless women
for crimes like adultery, having a child out of wedlock, and

the far right Saint John Chrysostum incited pogroms
from the pulpits blaming Jews
for the murder of the messiah
telling Christians it was incumbent upon them to hate the devil race

the far right Saint Augustine decreed that
Jews, heretics, and pagans would burn forever
in eternal fire so Christians burned them alive
to give the victim a taste of what was to come in Hell

the far right supported fascism in Spain, Italy, and Germany
and now it supports a Puritan revival in America
a fascism that wears white gloves and itches for Armageddon
to forge out of the destruction their twisted version of heaven on earth

the far right George Bush claims he consults with Jesus
before he makes his instinctual policies then
bombs and tortures Arabs, cuts social programs, and privatizes
everything owned by the public to transform America into a gilded
corporate paradise

the far right insists God is on their side
and their ideas of exclusion, persecution, and intolerance
extend today to homosexuals, neo-pagans, and abortion clinic doctors in
their hate speech, vicious assaults, and ignorant ballot-casting

it baffles me how

the far right does not understand that Jesus was a liberal
who blessed the meek, the poor, the disaffected, and other abused groups
who practiced and preached peace, charity, forgiveness, humility, and
love who overturned the moneychangers tables because of their usury

when religions achieve political status
they transform into their opposite
claim an absolute moral mandate
and rid themselves of anyone who doesn't agree with them

maybe this piece will one day make me disappear too
or maybe one day the far right will be exposed for
the frauds and moral imposters they really are
i can only pray

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Scott Orlovsky is a World History & Cultures, and an American History teacher at Clifton High School in New Jersey. He has a BA in History from the Johns Hopkins University and a MA in History from the University of Colorado.

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Published November 29, 2004
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