Strengthened By

by Vanessa Raney

January 5, 2004   


What is nation
but a notion
to assign a
place of relevance
or status that
invokes us
in yearning
for one voice
regardless of
race, class
gender a status
so nonexistent
as to render us
impartial and
negligible to
the will of
one group or
person or not
at all -- so

then to be a
nation div-
ided is to
the special
interests that
endeavor to
define for us
our needs and
wants that
by refusing
we become
strengthened by
the will of
truth justice
and the love of
man not country.

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Vanessa Raney is a graduate student in History at Claremont Graduate University. Her poetry has recently appeared in American Western Magazine (online), Quirk, Asphyxia Digest, WireTap Magazine (online), The Bayou Review, and The Thing Itself.

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Published January 5, 2004
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