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(July 4, 2005)


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Bashing poor Jared Israel: Mick Collins Interview, Rwanda: The General's Story
To the Editor:

I was a little concerned to see an outbreak of Jared Israel bashing in the middle of an otherwise excellent article. Jared and his fellow workers at Emperor's Clothes.com were justifiably concerned that the defence would be watered down on the lines of "but you went along with this" rather than the fact it was a destabilisation plotted and planned in various western capitals as well as Washington.

Their anti-Muslim views are greatly influenced by the fact that Isbegovic's Islamicists and the Islamic fundamentalist paramilitaries set loose are violently anti-Jewish.

All this has proved to be the case as more and more details come out. Read Izbegavic's Islamic Manifesto published in 1976 -- it is very educational. Clearly the attempt to establish an Islamic fundamentalist state in B-H backed by the U.S. would be a total disaster.

However, one of the concerns of Jared is the discovery, a not very concealed open secret that these people were the members and descendants of Hitler's Handschar, Kamar and Skanderbeg SS divisions brought out for such a purpose in 1945. It was called the "ratlines."

Yours sincerely,

R.A. Roper
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England - June 24, 2005


Yugoslavia's planned destruction (see The Balkans and Yugoslavia on Swans.)
To the Editor:

Thank you for the excellent commentary on the mistake that we, the U.S., made in the NATO bombings of Serbia in 1999. Having been to Belgrade this past year, I can honestly say how badly the US media distorted what was happening over there. Thank you for the truth.

Tim Myers
California, USA - June 30, 2005


Collapsing Conspiracies
Dear Gilles,

As a non-academic may I pose this question for discussion with your erudite readers?

Question: Do you consider that the collapse of WTC building 7 was basically similar to the free fall of WTC towers 1 & 2 on 9/11?

Best regards,

John Cameron
Sydney, NSW, Australia - June 30, 2005


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Published July 4, 2005
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