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(June 19, 2006)


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Janus-like authority structures: Charles Marowitz's Decoding The Da Vinci Code

To Charles Marowitz:

Thanks Charles, for the best and simplest review of this impossible topic. You've hit the nail on the head about people not trusting Janus-like authority structures being the driving force behind this controversy. I am also profoundly amused about the legitimacy of "scholarly opinion" being claimed by the debunkers when we know that the doings of First Century Christianity are a blur at best. My intuitive sense is that the Church knows very well that Leonardo was a Johannite Gnostic. One who used the symbolism of the alchemical androgyne, popular with Renaissance intellectuals who hoped that Hermeticism would spark the awaited classical and scientific revolution. But true to form, as you have aptly pointed out, the Church's outward "happy face" imperative cannot give up Leonardo as a super-pious son of his mother Church. So back we go to the "art scholars" now, who seem to know nothing of the ferment behind the humanist movement. Perhaps you would find this astoundingly obvious alternative to Dan's scheme yet another senseless twist to this story. If so, it can be seen here:

Fred Foster
North Carolina, USA - June 5, 2006
"Remember, take hold of your time here. Give some meanings to the means to your end."


Minimalist praise: Gilles d'Aymery on Handke and the witch hunt

Dear Gilles d'Aymery,

Wow, I'm impressed by your articles, and your ability to sum things up in a nutshell. Just the kind of reader we need! I'm pleased you could make good use of our feuilleton summaries. As you'll see by putting "Handke" into our search function, we have done one or two pieces on him in our "Magazine Roundup" as well.

All the best, and pass it on!


John Lambert
Berlin, Germany, June 8, 2006


To the Editor:

Great piece: "The Hanging Of Peter Handke From The Orthodox Gallows,"
Gilles d'Aymery, Swans, June 5, 2006

David Peterson
Chicago, Illinois, USA - June 5, 2006


The Italian press covers Peter Handke

To the Editor:

You might like to know that La Republica devoted more than a full page to Handke in its June 3 issue. (It's one of the three big Italian national dailies and of a center-left leaning.) A paragraph on the front page continues inside taking up the whole first page of the "Cultura" section. It's basically a translation of an article by Wim Wenders: "Why I defend Handke" with the description: "The director sides with the Austrian writer censored for his pro-Serb positions." There's a paragraph detailing projects the two have worked on together and a big colored drawing of Handke by Tullio Pericoli. Maybe Wenders has sent the same piece to Der Spiegel, which I understand is publishing Srbljanovic against, Botho Strauss and Wenders for.

Peter Byrne
Lecce, Italy, - June 8, 2006


The Cruise Line Left: Louis Proyect on The Cuba Petitions

To the Editor:

I just googled for "Cuba" and "the Nation Magazine" and found Proyect's great article.

Thank you. (Zinn and Chomsky never had the same esteem from me after that. Now Parenti, on the other hand...!)

Carolfrances Likins
Los Angeles, California, USA - June 5, 2006


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Feminist ruse? Alma Hromic's I Am Not A Womb, I Am A Woman

To the Editor:

Alma A. Hromic needs to find a more worthy feminist cause.

I cannot outline in a brief letter how badly she mischaracterizes the CDC's preconception initiative, but let me mention the most egregious ruse: nowhere does the CDC try to cut women of childbearing age who are not pregnant and have no intention of becoming pregnant from drinking a glass of wine with dinner.

Stephanie Strand
South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA - June 10, 2006


Questioning the questioning, spelling aside: Milo Clark's Oh, Gawd!

To the Editor:

Please thank Milo Clark for citing my dad's But Is It True in his column.

I'm not sure which piece of info he relies on the book for, but I'd be happy to find out!

Please note that my father spelled his name "Aaron."

Adam Wildavsky
New York, New York, USA - June 5, 2006

Milo Clark responds:

Aaron it will be. Darned proofers, anyhow.

I enjoyed and hated your dad's work as he did such a wonderful job of debunking so many shibboleths from so many directions. What I was picking up in the Oh, Gawd! piece was the quality of debunking needed and quite rare in the ending-of-the-world oil myths so prevalent and persistent presently. Gas locally, diluted by 10% ethanol, is $3.45/gallon. We pay a higher price for lower mileage all in the name of corn and politics. I cited your dad's book without specific elaboration as a model and perhaps temptation for those Swans' scanners who may be serious about investigating the grand mythologies of the times. Heavy going, that book! I incorporate his skepticism into my perspectives and behave a bit better sometimes. His methodologies are daunting.

Thanks for your message. I liked some of your Web page and baubles. Keeping up a family tradition of iconoclastic contrarianism? Good work!

Milo Clark from the rainforest of untourist Hawaii.


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Published June 19, 2006
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