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(June 4, 2007)


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American Holocaust: Philip Greenspan's A Genocide Museum For The U.S. (September 2003)

To the Editor:

Browsing into the Swans archives I came across Philip Greenspan's and others' articles from 2003 on the Native American holocaust. Greenspan advocated holocaust museums be erected in the U.S. to remind us of those horrific centuries. I was recently in Albuquerque, NM, and found exactly such a museum had been established in a storefront on Central Avenue. Several holocausts had been incorporated: the Jews', the Native Americans', and the Armenians', perhaps others. The museum was staffed by volunteers four days a week. I don't know if Swans has discovered this museum, founded, I believe, subsequent to Greenspan's article. If not perhaps someone should go there and report on it.

Secondly, there has been made a remarkable movie on this very subject, The Devil's Doorway (1950). This movie was made by the great Anthony Mann and starred Robert Taylor. Taylor played the role of a Native American who had served with the Union Army during the Civil War and emerged as a hero. He then returned to his land in the West in order to become a farmer on several hundred acres. The story of his subsequent legal, political, and social expropriation and death to satisfy the land hunger of invading greedy white men is painfully told as if in a documentary.

I saw this movie on television long ago and reviewed it for the Internet Movie Database. Readers can see that review there, or take a look at all the short reviews I have posted there. Note that all the reviews are labeled as by "Shawfan" from Texas.

Best regards,

Isidor Saslav
Overton, Texas, USA - May 24, 2007


The US Penal System: Resources on the Bureau of Public Secrets Web site

To the Editor:

Here are new additions to the Web site:


"Address to the Prisoners in the Chicago Jail" (Clarence Darrow)

"Eliminating the Roots of War and Crime" (Ken Knabb)

"Henry Miller: The Iconoclast as Everyman's Friend"

Ken Knabb
"Making petrified conditions dance by singing them their own tune."
Berkeley, California, USA - May 23, 2007


Israeli Refusniks Embrace Boris Vian: Music Sheet Of Le Déserteur with introduction by Gilles d'Aymery

To the Editor:

Greetings: In a few hours I will be making a presentation at a local church marking the 40th Anniversary of the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

It will begin with listening to Vian's version of Le Déserteur with my own translation and a comment about how Israeli refusniks (Air Force officers who refuse to bomb the West Bank and Gaza) have adopted it as their theme song.

Thank you for your fascinating commentary on the song and on Vian and Harold Berg.

Robert J. Prince
Colorado Progressive Jewish News
Denver, Colorado, USA - June 3, 2007


Author's Interest: Gilles d'Aymery's Hans von Sponeck's A Different Kind of War

To the Editor:

Did Gilles d'Aymery review my book Web of Deceit?

Barry Lando
Paris, France - May 22, 2007

[ed. He didn't, but will be glad to do so if you can spare a review copy.]


Right to the Point: Charles Marowitz's In Praise Of Anger and Gilles d'Aymery's Hans von Sponeck's A Different Kind of War

Hey Monsieur d'Aymery,

Charles Marowitz's rant on the praise of anger is a breath of fresh air though I'm afraid it won't bring much change anytime soon. Furthermore, tell him that we have a saying in French: La colère est mauvaise conseillère. [ed. "anger is a poor advisor."] The pops of this world will ignore the angry mini-crowds anyway. If it goes out of hand they'll jail or shoot them at their own convenience and time of choice. For you personally, Mr. d'Aymery, they can either expel you from the country and confiscate your belongings (to keep financing the war), or, worse, simply "disappear" you in the rat-hole of the American gulag, with no legal recourse as you well know.

On the lighter side, I am very disappointed that you married your sweetheart of 18 years. I had this fantasy that, had you seen my wonderful legs, you'd have jumped ship in a hurry. Then, again, I've never seen Mrs. d'Aymery's legs (I hope she keeps her own name) and cannot therefore elaborate much. Fun apart, I keep looking up to the two of you, and the regulars. The work you all do on Swans reminds me that anger aside it's worth fighting ahead, from 7 to 77, as Tintin's creator used to say.

So to anger and marriage, I salute you all. As you-know-who said, Ecrasez l'infâme.

Allez, bon vent. Give 'em hell.

Alouette Arouet
Paris, France - June 1, 2007


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Published June 4, 2007
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