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(July 16, 2007)


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The French are pretty neat after all: Michael Doliner's Joseph Roth's What I Saw

To the Editor:

It did my heart good to read Michael Doliner on the irreplaceable Joseph Roth. Our book marketeers tend to shun real writers like Roth. They're doubtful merchandise, "heavy," often boringly deceased, and, well, all too real. When in Paris, I always walk north out of the Luxembourg up the Rue de Tournon toward Saint-Sulpice. Roth's Paris room is on the left, marked by a plaque that makes me think the French are pretty neat after all. Then I head for the nearest bar. Bars -- real ones, again -- are rare in the area since it's been tarted up for tourists. Still, one's homing instinct never fails. Seated, drinking, I meditate on Roth's alcoholism. (He did have something in common with Hunter Thompson.) My thoughts then turn to what the cyber ideologues, if they were readers, would make of Roth's nostalgia for the Habsburg Empire. One thing is sure, in the words of our all-American Hem, he could write them all under the table.

Peter Byrne
Lecce, Italy - July 2, 2007


Beware of the Government Controlling Health Care: Charles Marowitz's Sick Minds & Sick Bodies

To the Editor:

As one with three children without health insurance (and one who recently was landed in the emergency room and handed a $6000 bill) I really hate the state of health care in America... you're right... it's not fair. But handing it over to the federal government would be disastrous. Look at the state of the public schools, Social Security, and the unfair tax withholding system. Has national control of these things been fair to any citizens? And yet it would be prudent to hand one-seventh of the US economy over to these bureaucrats? Granted, it's bad now... but that scares me to death. There has to be another way.

Richard Speaker
Beavercreek, Ohio, USA - July 2, 2007


Kenneth Rexroth on Religion at the Bureau of Public Secrets

To the Editor:

Five new essays by Kenneth Rexroth have been added to the BPS Web site:

"Thomas More's Utopia"

"The Spiritual Alchemy of Thomas Vaughan"

"Lamennais: From Reaction to Revolution"

"The Evolution of Anglo-Catholicism"

"The Catholic Modernists"

Other Rexroth's essays on religion at the same site:

"Tao Te Ching"


"Buddhism and Hinduism in India"

"Greeks and Buddhists in Afghanistan"

"Lafcadio Hearn and Japanese Buddhism"



"The Holy Kabbalah"

"The Unchristian Crusades"

"The Hasidism of Martin Buber"

"Simone Weil"

"The New English Bible"

"Architecture and Religion"

"Mysticism, Ethical and Chemical"

See also:

"Communalism: From Its Origins to the Twentieth Century"

(This complete book examines communist tendencies in early Christianity, medieval millenarian movements, the Diggers in the English Revolution, 19th-century utopian communities, etc.)

Ken Knabb
Berkeley, California, USA - July 12, 2007
"Making petrified conditions dance by singing them their own tune."


AIPAC and the Freemasons: Comments on a June 18 letter by Terry Thurber

To the Editor:

I read Terry Thurber's June 18, 2007, letter with great interest. There is certainly more at work here, in the topic of his article, than ever gets commented on with any degree of perception in other media. I find most readers' comments in Swans more perceptive than most. I agree with Terry in as much that practically everything AIPAC does impacts negatively both Israel and the rest of the world. Why would a group of people that profess to work for the best interest of that phony little country have as a result of their work such negative results? Truly, I think we must look further afield than big business though.

Who are the people that manage "big business"? True, there are Jews in powerful positions, but the bottom line is that almost without exception they are Freemasons. Why is this never mentioned?

From all I have been lead to believe it looks like we never get to the common denominator of those who lead us down the path to destruction.

Best Wishes,

Ronald Knarr
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - July 2, 2007


A "New Constitutional Era" with Ron Paul?

To the Editor:

Indeed, there is a "new constitutional era" being conceived and I don't see anything ugly about the baby/fetus. What remains ugly is the old unconstitutional era, and its vain enflamed pillars of lying crap and puke. The old unconstitutional era is evidenced by an education system that does not educate, the justice system that has no justice, the legal system that is not legal, the religious systems that are not religious or spiritual, and the broken medical system, all aflame by those stuck in the old unconstitutional era, busy fanning the flames of its pillars on the right and left.

The new constitutional era calls itself a rEVOLution. It is perfect Ron Paul is rising above the ashes of the Republican pillar, because America is a Republic. If you go to YouTube and MySpace and type in the search engine "Ron Paul," you will see an amazing growing list of Web pages, over 18,000 today. On these pages are testimonials, original music, and videos about Ron Paul, the Constitution, and truths about "conspiracies" (old era term) -- 9-11, the Federal Reserve, the New World Order, the North American Union, the IRS, the world wars, which made all generations slaves and victims. "Zeitgeist" comes to mind.

Ron Paul supporters are saying, "I LOVE," not "I hate." The seeds of LOVE, "I LOVE YOU," "I LOVE RON PAUL," "I LOVE AMERICA," I LOVE LOVE LOVE Life, living, freedom, liberty are conceiving this baby. It's a very exciting time for the rEVOLutionaries in the throws of the new era LOVE orgy.


Jeanette Doney
Fort Bragg, California, USA - July 2, 2007


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Published July 16, 2007
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