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(January 28, 2008)


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The 1991 Gulf War Rationale -- a Dossier by Gilles d'Aymery

To the Editor:

Thank you for your fine article and research. You have done humanity a great service by documenting the truth about America's instigation for war in Iraq. If only the perpetrators could be held accountable and America be set free from the tyranny of falsehoods that lead to war. May God help us!

Scott A. Elmquist
Cokato, MN, USA - December 5, 2007


In Support of Ron Paul

Dear Editor:

It's been a while since I felt the urge to write you. Like you, I am very unsatisfied with what passes as justice or common sense. Unlike your probably well-researched position about 19th century social structures, I am perhaps naive about the conditions human nature brings about in a free market. But as I age, I find it more difficult to ignore simple explanations or answers when dealing with our problems.

I disagree with the concept of might makes right and its attendant violence. So I have no faith in a third or fourth or multitude of party offerings taking temporary reign of our government to protect me or others from evil. To me, less government means simpler and better. I can't escape the notion that there is absolutely no earthly reason it would be better to submit to a gun pointed to my head rather than to my own volition.

I don't know what rationale allowed me to go from vowing never to vote again to changing my party to Republican so I could best support Ron Paul. I do relish the opportunity this year to engage anybody and everybody in discussions about liberty and the evils of war and corporate welfare. Ever since the beginning of the most recent installment of war, I have noticed the media and their corporate masters disguising the truth, especially recently in their treatment of Ron Paul.

Imagine my surprise when I read the words "white supremacist" in juxtaposition to "Ron Paul" at the same time pointing out that you have no "idea" about it. Maybe you have seen videos or read a little about the man and discovered some character flaws that escaped me. Neither Kucinich, Nader, McKinney, nor anyone else has impressed me with knowledge and principled character of the congressman.

May I suggest you offer more accurate descriptions of his position? Anti-immigrant would become anti-illegal immigrant in conjunction with a welfare state. He might have a personal opinion against Freedom of Choice but he is really against the federal government having anything to do with abortion. Anti-gay is definitely not fair. Ron Paul is against an amendment to declare marriage as a heterosexual exclusive program and against special privileges for any group including gays. Is anti-civil rights the opposite of civil liberties, because Ron Paul is a champion of civil liberties. Anti-public education does not mean anti-education and does mean preventing the soul-less government intruding on families. Being against poverty programs does not require being in favor of poverty but more simply having faith in any program but the government in being effective against poverty...and, and, and.

Maybe you could make a percentage weighted list of all the ills affecting us today and see how important it is for us to hold our noses about the war and the destruction of our economy and social structure while we wait for the candidate that can cure all our problems at once.

Walid Nicola
Gibsonville, North Carolina, USA - January 15, 2008


Ron Paul's rEVOLution

To the Editor:

I believe the Ron Paul rEVOLution is such because of the Internet, where I found Ron Paul in Aaron Russo's "America: Freedom to Fascism"; Alex Jones's "Prison Planet"; "Zeitgeist," the movie; UN Agenda 21; Codex Amerellis; Naomi Wolf's "End of America"; Videos on the 1953 US coups in Iran, Cambodia, and more; the US illegal invasions and occupations of Third World nations; secret prisons; troops abuse by and to; and then the conspiracy theories of the Illuminati, Masons, North American Union, 9/11 an inside job, IRS, CFR, JFK, MLK, Waco, Cannabis prohibition, 2012, Mayan-Aztec-pyramid-Age of Pieces Calendar and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, UFOs and more.

The rEVOLution is the Google/YouTube, MySpace, Meetup groups for Ron Paul advancing a grassroots effort for Global Peace and regime change against the multinational corporations who buy our representatives and find sovereign nation's constitutions and borders in the way of their profiting off misery (wars), while the neocons and neolibs (Lieberman -- Gore's running mate, Hillary, Obama, Edwards) all support a UN New World Order (why did Bush go to the UN to ask for a resolution to defend the USA?). Once a person sees the videos, and reads posters' comments, I think several things happen as what happened to me.

I am a three time Nader supporter and volunteer, I have never belonged to any corporate party, I am a long time clean ocean, cannabis activist who remembers when grants came from private institutions and not the government, and I'm telling you these videos are rEVOLutionary because they changed my life, my perspective, my (many of your) "old" arguments died and the rEVOLution took ground with campaign record breaking money bombs on Guy Fawlks Day, The Boston Tea party, Blimps, Grannie warriors (funding Kucinich's recount in NH), reflected in the hand made "Ron Paul for President" signs that say, "Ron Paul cured my apathy." It is not a revolution born of hate, but a rEVOLution that forgives the trespasses of others because they didn't know -- they were programmed to not know... You see in this rEVOLution there are no arms, there are fingers, reaching into the mass of lies and putting them on the election plate to serve the NWO heads on the block. Bush said, "You are either with us or against us." We are against the Bush NWO regime and we are united to fight as best we can, and right now, that's with fingers, typing: RON PAUL rEVOLution!

The GOP calls the rEVOLutionaires "Insurgents," "Enemy," RINOs, "Isolationists," and they have refused to offer their primary ballot to Independents knowing many like myself would never join the GOP, they have abandoned straw polls, tampered with straw polls, cheated, cancelled events as the Ron Paul rEVOLution grows, they can't take it, they FEAR Ron Paul rEVOLution, and the Democrats are doing their best to ignore, but the rEVOLution has amassed as much money as Hillary and Obama while taking NO corporate campaign contributions. We appreciate the opportunity Ron Paul is giving us to change the GOP from the inside (notice the Democrats have twice as many GOP registered to vote. I suggest to you, some GOP switched parties and are supporting Obama "Audacity of Truth" was written for GOP, and Hillary).

My response to Jan's cartoon: What do you mean pro-feminist? Do you mean pro-choice? If you mean pro-choice then the answer to your question, "Like in 2012" you can revive pro-choice? Absolutely, and in California where we continue to have illegal abortions and the elite escaping to other nations with more options than abortion for "choice," there is no worry that abortion will become illegal here. California cannabis farmers appear to understand and support Ron Paul on his states rights issue more than most, which is why the bulk of Ron Paul money is coming from CA.

Eco-socialism...what is that? I am a conservationist, some issues I slip into preservation, and others I am environmentalist, but social? What do you mean? I don't buy Al Gore, the energy hog who uses more energy in one month than I have in my life, that global warming is my fault. Like hell it is. I'd say these illegal wars with depleted uranium and radiation and massive destruction laying waste to life is creating global warming far more than those who have been forced to buy gas cars ("Who killed the electric car?") Sue them for global warming. Sue the corporations...but don't blame people...that's falling into Agenda 21, which says the planet can only sustain 50 million. If you believe this, then won't you remove yourself to give others a chance to live, or will you fight to live? I'm fighting to live. Is that social eco? What is that? I know with Ron Paul I can grow hemp and make my own fuel and self sustain. Who else is giving me that option?

Anti-racism... The honorable Senator from West Virginia, Democrat Robert Byrd, admitted belonging to the KKK. Ron Paul has never belonged to any such organization and he does not admit to writing such hideous literature that is suggest of him that was dug up for the purpose of lessening his ANTI-RACIST agenda against the racist war, the racist war on drugs, the racist privatized prison industry, the racist UN NWO installing puppets to dictate over a majority of minorities for multinational corporations like Halliburton and Bechtel to rape the natives of their natural resources and rights. Ron Paul believes the US Constitution provides RIGHTS for ALL people and we need to get back to the Constitution for ALL people. Ron Paul is not a racist. Those who play the race card are.

Perhaps Jan, you and Gilles have a plan, an escape, where you can go to France and escape the USA's slide into fascism. Lucky you. Your democrats, pro-feminism, eco-socialism and anti-racism didn't do a damn thing for me and that's why I joined the rEVOLution. I don't want the DEA in my backyard Jan, do you? I hope Justin Raimondo runs against Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan.

And to Philip Greenspan: You are correct, the secret ingredient to activism is mutual support, and that's what we have in the rEVOLution where GOP, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, Independents some together and find we have a lot more in common than not.

Finally, I hope you all take a look at the California Cannabis Health and Hemp Initiative 2008. It is the only state wide cannabis initiative seeking ballot access, and I suggest if you care about cannabis in Mendocino County, you sign it and help collect signatures and support.

Thank you with LOVE, because there's no rEVOLution without it,

Jeanette Doney
Fort Bragg, California, USA - January 14, 2008


New Year's Greetings from a Detested "Aryan"

To the Editor:

I did a Google search using my name and Swans to find your publication just to check it out. I was surprised that it landed on a Dec. 2006 review of the year in which I was mentioned in passing as one of your headaches in the form of being some sort of 'Aryan' fanatic.

FYI I am a practicing Buddhist of mixed Anglo-Jewish parentage. I have no overt racist leanings one way or another but during the time I corresponded with you and your publication I was in the process of reviewing much of 20th century history trying to see beneath the 'spin' that so many of us have been spoon-fed since birth.

My take on Israel, for example, is that it is indeed a mainly racist and essentially criminal-colonialist undertaking. This might well be incorrect. But if it is correct, I don't regard this as a big deal, as human history witnesses -- for example with current US governance tragi-comic farce. Such judgment regarding Israel comes simply from reading, not because I have any 'Aryan' leanings!

Personally I was amused that when I replied to your demand for documentation of my (to you) outrageous claims that Zionist leaders helped get the US into WWI and then -- within the hour -- provided a document citing both American, British and Israeli sources all within 2-3 paragraphs -- that rather than congratulate me for providing interesting -- not to mention substantive -- material you banished me! Since replying to you I have found many other sources and although I am sure there are no end of layers of complexity involved, like there are with any human event be it domestic or international, basically I was correct. For anyone to argue that Zionists have managed, since 1880 or whenever, to create a new nation in the Middle East without considerable political influence is totally absurd. And yet you seem to have been offended when I stated this and then backed it up with direct quotes from the first Israeli PM!

I am glad to have been banished since obviously -- and I still have no idea what you are trying to do with your publication since the 'drift' eludes me -- you are terrified of offending certain agencies, which fear led you to completely misunderstand where I was coming from and project attitudes and opinions that are very far from those I actually hold. I understand your fear as an Internet publisher given how some people get treated these days. But facts are facts, and in any case, people should be free to have their own opinions. You are not free, which I understand. But I, as a Canadian citizen, still regard myself as free and so am not so constrained as to reject simple evidence in the written record when it pops up. And unlike you, I don't stoop to insult and inuendo when someone bests me in an argument!

In any case, for 2008 I wish you freedom from fear! Enjoy it! Truly!

Ashley Howes
Cape Breton, Canada - January 13, 2008


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Published January 28, 2008
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