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(March 24, 2008)


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At Best, a Band-Aid Solution to the Financial Meltdown: Michael Doliner's A Quick Look At The Credit Crisis

To the Editor:

Thanks to Michael Doliner for his excellent summary of the credit crisis. It's as good as any of the dozens of articles I've read on the subject over the past few months, and it makes the additional, invaluable point that the financial and political system's only answer will be to cover it up.

It's astonishing how often this has been the case in recent American history. Vietnam is a salient example, but I remember just as clearly the cowardice of the political establishment in not facing up to the reality of the Savings & Loan crisis, thus letting it spiral from a manageable fifty or sixty billion dollar fiasco to three or more times that size.

It seems that the first imperative of rule is never to admit that the rulers themselves may be incompetent.

I only take issue with one of Michael's remarks -- the final sentence implying that the Bush administration should take the blame for this problem. We all know that both political parties, and their patrons in the financial world, allowed it come about, and neither party nor any of the present presidential candidates, has advanced any more than a band-aid solution.

Robert Wrubel
Stewarts Point, California, USA - March 10, 2008


The rEVOLution Continues: Gilles d'Aymery's Blips #67

Dear Gilles:

The Ron Paul rEVOLution has stepped into "Phase II." Ron Paul has not conceded his presidential campaign. He has conceded to the MSM and its censorship; so with "Phase II," the rEVOLution is spreading "The Message," Freedom must be popular, supporting Ron Paul supporters who have decided to take up the Ron Paul rEVOLution in senate and congressional seats, and go forward. I wish I could say Justin Raimondo was one.

As a Ron Paul rEVOLutionary, I have a very unique experience, unlike the last three elections where I supported Ralph Nader (and I support Ralph Nader this election besides Ron Paul, because there are definitely not enough PEACE candidates) it appears that everyone likes something about Ron Paul. I think it's the message not everyone is real clear about, and this is hard because of so many different prejudices involved, but Ron Paul does represent the common sense of the US Constitution, and shows us Paulistas (how did we get that nickname?) the wisdom in having a government that protects our RIGHT to PROTECT ourselves.

You see Gilles, this world, which we share, is not equal by nature. Nature is very unequal and unfair, so when men pursue that which THEY think is fair or equal, we create an unnatural environment we cannot sustain, and by handing it to government as a JOB...well, this is how we come to a police state, with FEMA camps. That's the best government can do to protect we the people. Freedom is popular.

Anyways my friend, Ron Paul is still in the race, and if something tragic should most unfortunately happen to McCain, which it could, the GOP will have a PEACE candidate, who I believe would beat O bomb bomba Iran or HRC.

Love, because there's no rEVOLution without it,

Jeanette Doney
Fort Bragg, California, USA - March 10, 2008


Pets in Need: Gilles d'Aymery's Blips #67

Dear Editor:

I had to comment on your Blips #67 of March 10, 2008 regarding pets that are being abandoned at an alarming rate due to home foreclosures and other hardships.

We hope that you will consider helping with a donation of pet food to a member in your community. If you do not find a member listed at petsofhomeless.org please ask your vet to become a member so that we can continue to provide food and medical care for pets of the homeless.

Genevieve Frederick
Executive Director, Feeding Pets of the Homeless
info@petsofhomeless.org -- petsofhomeless.org
Carson City, Nevada, USA - March 14, 2008


Kosovo Independence Equals Quebec Independence

To the Editor:

Today the Harper Government of Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier stated that Canada now recognized Kosovo, stating that it was a unique case. Now exactly where was that statement originally made? Why of course by US President George W. Bush at the White House and it was echoed by one Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State. Now it seems that even the Harper Government of Canada is repeating the words of US President George W. Bush.

Thus Canada has now unwittingly set the stage for Quebec to not only declare its INDEPENDENCE, but to seek INTERNATIONAL recognition of that fact. Kosovo and Quebec have a lot in common. In the case of Kosovo the Albanians make up the majority, with a Serbian minority and smaller groups of other ethnic communities. In the case of Quebec, the Quebecois make up the majority, with a Canadian (English-speaking) minority interspersed with smaller groups of ethnic communities. There, is as we can see, the commonality between Kosovo and Quebec, being undeniable, which we can see and understand.

Now that Canada has opened the can of worms like the U.S. on the recognition of Kosovo, both Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President George W. Bush will shortly be eating it for lunch. But what boggles the mind is that both of the above leaders were attempting to play word games, by calling the case of Kosovo unique, when in fact no case of such recognition has ever been closer.

It is now up to the government and people of Quebec to demand equity with Kosovo in recognition of their province as an INDEPENDENT country, and no longer a province of Canada. But, the issue as far as the U.S. is concerned goes even further. Because, both Puerto Rico and Hawai'i have long argued for INDEPENDENCE from the United States of America and that will now come to head.

Vive le Quebec Libre! The words uttered by French President Charles de Gaulle on July 24, 1967, now have a meaning for the Quebecois, as they are within reach of founding their own INDEPENDENT NATION, apart from Canada.

Kenneth T. Tellis
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - March 19, 2008


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Published March 24, 2008
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