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(May 19, 2008)


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Deteriorating Democracy and the ERA: Carol Warner Christen's It's Not Over Until The States Sing

To the Editor:

You hit the nail on the head with your summary of what our country ostensibly once stood for and how it has deteriorated. I have never seen such a thorough expose so am glad to get yours.

It sheds partial light on why I am having such a hard time here in Florida as I spearhead the reignited Equal Rights Amendment ratification movement.

No, the ERA did not pass. Barely missed passing by 3 states, Florida is one. I have had two bills before the Florida legislature for 5 years and this year got it passed out of a key committee.

We WILL do this. Absolutely. No way "every nation since WWII has an ERA" and the USA does not (quote from Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg).

Keep sending me your cogent materials. And if you can help promote publicity of the renewed ERA across the nation, it would sure help us in the active UNratified states, Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia, Nevada, etc.

Thanks for your work,

Sandy Oestreich
Prof. Emerita; former elected official; internationally distributed science author; nurse practitioner; biographied in the new Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-75; and Founder/President Equal Rights Alliance Inc., The Organization with Leaders Dedicated Solely to Florida's Ratification of the reignited ERA; and vice president, the national ERA Education Fund, Inc.
North Redington Beach, Florida, USA - May 8, 2008


Tibet and the Human Condition

To the Editor:

Thanks for all the in-depth knowledge that you have just passed on to me. I was wondering if you had any books that you would recommend as a good read about political actions that have occurred and were incorrectly broadcasted such as this Tibet and China clash. Would there be any books that support the past of how Tibet was offered to keep their religion and culture with the merge of Chinese rule?

Being Chinese and Canadian I don't particularly care what happens in the end. I am however astonished by how individuals can discriminate me because of my race and having ties to China. It seems that all these protests are really doing is creating a separation between our communities. If the human race was not like sheep being herded around by idealizing individuals such as stars, athletes, religious heads, or high class, well off individuals we would be a better off society.

Rather than idolize individuals, we should respect what they have done and take what they say as advice and not things you should consider as actual action.

Sorry, I should stop writing now or I will be thought of as an individual that hates the human race, rather than what it has become.

Please once again if you have knowledge of any books that are appropriate for what I have requested, please recommend.

Jun Ho Lee
Burnaby, BC, Canada - April 20, 2008

[ed. For references, please check the 55 notes appended to Michael Parenti's July 2003 piece, "Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth."]


Barack Obama, a Progressive? And America, a Democracy? Gilles d'Aymery's Blips #67

Hey Monsieur d'Aymery,

Brilliant piece of work, the re-post of the Rev.'s speech at the National Press Club. The man's oratory is as good as that of MLK. He should run for president (though he'd be killed in a matter of months, if not days). Looks like the Obamatons who believe in post-racial politics have never taken a trip to the hoods. Has Obama been to the hoods ever? I doubt it. What a la-la land you're living in!

Thanks for your text-book lesson on American democracy. Too bad Carol Warner Christen did not expand on your work. But it's understandable -- it must hurt a hell of a lot being part of a disintegrating country while having one's roots planted all the way back to the Founding Fathers. The "last best hope on Earth" has become the most fearful and aggressive country in history. But kids keep being born and as one American poet said, life goes on...and it will go on long after the American "Experiment" has long become history. (Even if they nuke us all, the weeds will show up every spring!)

Allez, bon vent. Give 'em hell.

Alouette Arouet
Paris, France - May 9, 2008


Swans, a Great Resource! Gilles d'Aymery's Obama's Jeremiads And Wright's Right Rhetoric

To the Editor:

Thanks for another fine issue. The article about Obama and Wright is eloquent and informative, and you did us all a service by publishing Wright's speech. The article on oil consumption is illuminating. SWANS is a great resource.

William T. Hathaway
Oldenburg, Germany - May 9, 2008


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Published May 19, 2008
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