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(November 17, 2008)


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Take me off, take me off, you @#$%^*&

To the Editor:

Take me off your mailing list. And I'll take your address off my donations list.

Your decision to support the ever-cynical, narcissistic Ralph Nader was your decision, to be sure. It was one I didn't agree with (though I voted enthusiastically for him in 2000), but I respected your editorial choice.

But Mr. Nader's descent into ad hominem attacks and fatuous bloviated hyperbole reeks of sour grapes and hyper-hubris. It's a cynical and sad attempt to draw attention to his failed candidacy.

SWANS can go on supporting Nader, go on being negative, accusing, criticizing, judging, but maybe, just maybe, what happened on November 4th is just a little bit bigger than Nader's ego.

Please take my e-mail [address] off your bi-weekly newsletter. Have a great eight years.

Claudia Corum, Aka, Harissa Armagnac
Austin, Texas, USA - November 5, 2008

[ed. Mrs. Corum (alias Harissa Armagnac) subscribed to Swans in May 2002. She has never sent a dime to help our work.]


The Obama Election

To the Editor:

I don't want to be negative at such an early stage, but you had better clear the decks for action.

It is clear he is the Trilateral Commission candidate and sponsored by a long list of warmongers and interventionists including Madeleine Albright and Warren Christopher.

Go to this link for a horrifying list of his advisors and backers:


Yours sincerely,

Richard Roper
Sheffield, UK - November 8, 2008


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Published November 17, 2008
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