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(March 23, 2009)


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Want health care choice? Give people the opportunity to join Medicare.

To the Editor:

Thanks for discussing Medicare. People should be allowed to buy into Medicare. People could pay monthly premiums based on monthly incomes. You may want to tell people about http://www.medicarerights.org

I discuss some ideas for dealing with poverty on our planet on:


Keep in mind the more that federal (national) governments are able to tax the more money they will probably waste on the military. Supporting tax reductions at the federal (national) government level and tax increases at state government level makes more sense than what you said. There is nothing wrong with state governments taxing individuals and businesses more than federal (national) governments.

Keep in mind the more you tax people and businesses the less they innovate, the less they work, and the fewer people they employ. Think about how your ideas might impact poor people and middle class people who have 401(k) plans.

Many countries need to look at energy with big ideas like we did with the space program to get to the moon. Our country and other countries need to care a lot more about space exploration and ocean exploration.


Ken Stremsky
Manchester, New Hampshire, USA - March 18, 2009


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Published March 23, 2009
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