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Letters to the Editor

(January 11, 2010)


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A New Frame of Reference for Students of African American Slavery and Emancipation: Femi Akomolafe's The Descent Of The Vultures

To the Editor:

I was overjoyed to find this article in that I have pursued a serious academic search about the power of words to morph a reality from one condition to another. Akomolafe's citation of Nkrumah's insights on the use of language and social context to rename the oppressive practices and structures of colonial oppression opens a new frame of reference for students of African American slavery and emancipation. I have found one other article describing the transition from colonial administration to public administration describing a similar technology of disguising old oppressive forms in contemporary terms of normalcy.

I am pursuing this phenomenon as a search for the technology of hegemonic persistence. This disguising mechanism is a fundamental component of that persistence and is seen in the evolution of bureaucratic structures that maintain oppressive conditions that persist from origins during the legally sanctioned period of oppression to the period of neo, or post, contemporary eras.

I'd love to read more.


Emery Graham
Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA - December 29, 2009


The Love of Music, with Reminiscences of the past: Isidor Saslav's Josef Gingold Turns 100

To the Editor:

I just read the superb article about Josef Gingold's 100th birthday celebrations. Thank you so much, dear Mr. Saslav. You brought back such wonderful memories I was able to experience through Corey's studies with the wonderful teacher and human being for 10 years. And in the last few years of JG's life I took care of him -- we were very close. As to Corey being missing at the "proceedings" as you called them: nobody invited him. I must admit I was saddened by this and I am certain Corey was too though he didn't say anything to me. He was here in the USA at the time, playing at a memorial for Leon Kirchner who had requested his playing at that occasion at Columbia University before he passed away.

He is back in France now where he lives since a few years, continuing JG's legacy. His last CD was dedicated to and featured Prof. G's favorite works: the Vieuxtemps 5th Concerto and Wieniawski's 2nd. It received raves in Europe.

Wishing you much fun in your travels. I wish I could come along for I am passionate about opera. Since we moved to NY in 2003 we have become regular standees at the MET and NY City Opera, barely missing a production -- and the unusual ones are my cup of tea.

As to 'IL TROVATORE': at age 17 I lived in Graz, Austria, sharing a room with a very attractive girl. She had lovers galore and whenever she had a date with one of them little me had to disappear. So I started to escape next door -- to the opera house, becoming infatuated very quickly. My very first love affair was with 'IL TROVATORE', which I saw 17 times in a row. That means "she," Herta, had a very hot love affair going!

This was my introduction to classical music and my love for it I was able to pass on to my children. Other than that I had no classical music background myself.


Sophia Cerovsek
New York, New York, USA - December 28, 2009


The International Centre for Non-Violent Conflict crowd (Al Giordano of Narco News): Letters to The Editor, December 28, 2009

Dear Editor,

Well, well, well, the ICNC crowd are at it again. They sure do have sensitive skins. You'd think they'd keep a low profile, as they say, so as to not draw attention to themselves.

Note it is the International Centre for Non-Violent Conflict, not "Change," "Politics," or "Debate"; so the intention is to use non-democratic and non-representative means for minorities to impose their will on countries.

Then there is the affaire of the Belgrade putsch in 2000, which by an amazing coincidence, removed a problem for the Empire and completed its plan in the Balkans of the destruction of Yugoslavia.

Gene Sharp (with whom there is no connection whatsoever) started to publish his ideas in 1973. This is a critical year, which begins the fightback for the Empire, losing in Vietnam and with serious challenge to the system at home. Their great dislike was that "Our Values are Being Challenged."

His ideas on Non-Violent Action were clearly a photographic negative, mirror image of the student revolutionary movement and counter-culture in the U.S., and 1968, on which the Power-Elite had made studies.

These would be used in the rest of the world.

They have also become officially Non-Violent WARFARE in the official theory and by another amazing co-incidence turn up all over the world where the American Power-Elite want to overthrow a government and instal what used to be called Quislings in power.

Then there is the issue of the ICNC funding from a senior member of the Council (The Council on Foreign Relations), the organisation at the centre of the American ruling class and formation of American foreign policy. As they say, it's all bought and paid for.

Yours sincerely,

Richard A. Roper
Sheffield, United Kingdom - December 28, 2009


Sustainable efforts

To the Editor:

I dare say that the global effort at sustainability and conservation puts the rest of the world to shame in view of the limited number of people like you that are in the forefront of environmental stewardship and human development. I've been following the trend in the debate and effort at stemming the negative impact of human activities on the environment and the prevailing inequality of different peoples of the world. No lie, sometimes I cry deep inside when I realize that human indifference and sometimes greed threatens the very fabric of civilization. Excluding very few people like you, your selfless sacrifices, proactive and practical actions towards healing the injustices of man to the environment and man's exploitation of their own kind the world over, all the other stakeholders albeit the strategic and important interests, merely pay lip service to the issue and do nothing to change the current trend that would hasten the implosion of our present civilization -- i.e., the G8, the UN, and national governments.

I hail your effort. If you can, please keep me updated on recent development and action plan to blossom and nourish the central theme of your effort. I would want to donate towards your effort as soon as possible. I am a widow now, but I don't complain when I remember that there are billions of people out there that can't figure out how to get the next meal regardless of the abundance of resources and wealth where they are; which if shared accordingly, by the way, would improve the welfare and satisfaction of the majority of the citizens of the world. My late husband was, I must confess, in the oil industry business. The track record of his company and the way they did business back in the days was dismal with regards to environmental protection, human resources management and responsibility towards the host community and people there-in. I feel I owe humanity on this note. For this reason, it would be an honor to finance the sustainable and environmental friendly project of yours.

I hope your day is unfolding nicely. Have a fulfilling and wonderful week. I hope to hear from you soon.

Irene Smith
Brisbane, Australia, - January 5, 2010

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Published January 11, 2010
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