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Letters to the Editor

(June 14, 2010)


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Anti-Zionist-anti-Semitism: Maxwell Clark's Harold Bloom On The Jewish Question

To the Editor:

How accurate of Maxwell Clark to single out Harold Bloom as the Grand Panjandrum of literary criticism. ("Harold Bloom on the Jewish Question," Swans, May 31.) "Pontifex maximus" is right. But at least the pope of Rome is elevated by an election. Conniving cardinals vote for him. Bloom's eminence comes from playing university teachers of literature off against themselves. They get twisted up in theory, specialize authors to death and refuse simply to read books and tell us about them. The astute Bloom climbs up on the wall like Humpty Dumpty to give us an over-all view. He forsakes the jargon of the lecture hall for a weird and windy biblical lingo. Nothing is more impressive in a nation of non-readers. But after all the snooty crowing, Bloom lays the same old stale egg. He says in mandarin that it's anti-Semitic to criticize Israeli foreign policy.

Peter Byrne
Lecce, Italy - June 1, 2010


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Published June 14, 2010
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