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Letters to the Editor

(November 1, 2010)


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Guilt by Association? Michael Barker's Anti-Immigration's Malthusian Knights In Green Armour

Dear Editors:

Michael Barker's article on the relationship between immigration activists and environmental issues is timely and important. I read with particular interest that Robert Engelman's association with the WorldWatch Institute casts doubt over his book MORE. Engleman is one of the few taking on the crisis that is over-pollution, if not overpopulation, per se. Barker's article, while fascinating, never rises above guilt by association. Billions of people around the world want access to birth control and cannot get it. BILLIONS. Let's not dismiss anyone or any group who is willing to discuss these complex issues with diligence.


Liz Throop
Atlanta, Georgia, USA - October 20, 2010

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American Optimism vs. Pessimism: Gilles d'Aymery's The Economy Is Not Coming Back: Part II: The Reasons it Won't

To the Editor:

Methinks the author of the article is much too pessimistic and ignores the tremendous capacity of American entrepreneurs to innovate and compete with the rest of the world. Certainly, the Baby Boomers (I'm one of them) will soon begin to retire and consume less -- except, as the author notes, for health care expenditures -- but the next generations that are properly educated will come to the fore. Household debts are worrisome, but not as much as our public debt and liabilities. Americans, in their wisdom, are saving again (deleveraging) and will clean their balance sheets in the next few years. There is no reason to despair. Simply keep public spending in check and the economy will roar back to sustained growth.

As to the trade deficits, they are a net positive for our country. Imports bring cheap products to our shores, help emerging countries in their economic development; countries that in turn buy our T-bills, which, through moderate inflation and a depreciated dollar, will easily be repaid. It's a win-win proposition.

We are the best-educated and innovative nation in the world, and therefore will overcome these difficult times and the competition. To paraphrase J. Jackson, "keep optimism alive!"


Darrell Johnson
Tempe, Arizona, USA - October 22, 2010
Gilles d'Aymery responds: "Best-educated and innovative nation in the world"? Mr. Johnson (and readers) may want to read "Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited: Rapidly Approaching Category 5"; a report written for the presidents of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine (ISBN: 0-309-16098-7, 104 pages, 7 x 10, [2010]). The report can be freely downloaded in PDF format from http://www.nap.edu/catalog/12999.html

Then, as the saying goes, "let the conversation begin."


Are we doomed? Gilles d'Aymery's The Economy Is Not Coming Back: Part II: The Reasons it Won't

Hey Monsieur d'Aymery,

The more you write the more pessimistic you become. Are we doomed?

Just to remind you (from my history books): the more doomed people feel the more they look up to a "savior," like Le Pen, the Tea Partiers, and others that would be enchanted to emulate Misters Mussolini and Hitler.

Perhaps you should advocate a brighter side of the darkness.

Lastly, what happened to your Blips? They were most welcomed in these quarters. A five-month hiatus is not helping the readership and my curiosity.

Allez, bon vent!

Alouette Arouet
Paris, France - October 28, 2010


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Published October 18, 2010
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