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(June 6, 2011)


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IMF Arrogance: Gilles d'Aymery's Blips #111

To the Editor:

Gilles d'Aymery wrote: "...if you sexually aggress, possibly rape, a hotel worker you may incur decades in jail, but if you rape entire countries you are hailed as a hero."

Thank you Gilles for articulating this so well. Your article serves as a necessary antidote to the misrepresentations by the corporate media of this story as merely the moral failings of a powerful individual. On the contrary, DSK -- in more ways than were suspected -- was the personification of the arrogance of the IMF. My political science students have been discussing neoliberalism, and this puts a human face to these inhumane policies.

Dennis Brasky
Millburn, New Jersey, USA - May 23, 2011


Undignified Voyeurism: Gilles d'Aymery's Blips #111

Hey Monsieur d'Aymery,

Thank you for not piling on DSK. Yes, he indeed was a financial shark and had no interest in the well being of the whole, but for his own class. However, to turn him into a sexual devil is beyond the pale -- just mere undignified voyeurism. I feel sorry to witness many of your acolytes jumping on the bandwagon.

On your lighter note, you were indeed in good company within the Benefit Committee of the US Sciences Po Foundation. The socialite Béatrice Stern could send you $250,000 to finance Swans without even noticing the difference in her checkbook(s). But if I were you I would not hold my breath.

A laywoman should not make any economic prediction, but a double-dip recession is on the horizon. Watch my words.

Allez, bon vent!

Alouette Arouet
Paris, France - June 3, 2011


Delicious Memories: Michael Yonchenko's Dancing With The Golden Bear

To the Editor:

I read Michael Yonchenko's piece entitled "Dancing With The Golden Bear" (November 7, 2005). It brought back wonderful, delicious memories of Pier 23, especially your mention of Jack "Jive" Shafer and Melody Ann. I used to spend many nights at Pier 23 listening to Mr. Shafer and listen to his absolute mastery of music. Melody Ann, however, was his daughter and just as you say, she was drop-dead gorgeous. Herb Caen wrote about Mr. Shafer many times, and no one quite captured the atmosphere as he did although you do a pretty damn good job of it. Mr. Shafer also played with Louis Armstrong in Kansas City.

Many thanks for bringing back to memory for this old fart those wonderful times I had at Pier 23, listening to Mr. Shafer and drooling over Melody Ann. It was beyond amazing watching her play simultaneously two saxes in that short dress that always had more slits up the side than I could count. And I loved that bathroom that was nothing more than an outhouse because I could just see the very wealthy having to answer a call to nature and the look on their faces if they used that bathroom for the very first time. It's been over 20 years since I've been back to Pier 23 so I can only imagine how it must have changed. If it hasn't changed, well, that would be truly amazing. My thanks again.

Steve Morris
Portland, Oregon, USA - June 1, 2011


Will the Killing Fields Ever Abate?

To the Editor:

I'd like to extend my respect to the honorable Gilles d'Aymery for the work he does debunking wars that need not be. Living in Peshawar I can witness on a daily basis the horror of a mayhem that was not of our own making.

When will the West live us alone?

I wish Swans would dedicate more time and space confronting the destruction laid by the U.S.A. all over the world, particularly in my distraught country.

With best regards,

Bahaar Zulqurnain
Peshawar, Pakistan - June 4, 2011

Gilles d'Aymery responds: Thank you for your e-mail. Please look at the work of Tiziano Terzani, Letters Against The War. Terzani knew what you know. Best wishes.


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Published June 6, 2011
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