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(August 15, 2011)


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An Illness of Degree: Louis Proyect's Henry's Demons: A Review

To the Editor:

Although many people associate psychosis with violence against others, the greatest risk for the mentally ill is that they will do harm to themselves. You see us as generic? Curious representation.

Schizophrenia is an illness of degree, like many. It ranges from mild to very severe. You will find Dr. Elyn Saks teaching Law at USC, many others earning doctoral degrees. You will find people with little to no contact with reality, and you will find people at every stage in between.

The greatest risk to persons labeled "the" mentally ill is the mentally well. History has made that very clear.

(Much lies ahead in the accurate description of mental illnesses. Our present imprecisions contribute greatly to the failures of systems to respond. In precision is wisdom.)

Harold A. Maio
Retired Mental Health Editor
Ft Myers, Florida, USA - August 1, 2011


Loving Life! Gilles d'Aymery's Blips #114

Hau'oli La Hanau Gilles!

A bit belated... That day is our anniversary, and my b-day is on the 28th.

A friend just returning from the mainland said "come over let's celebrate your b-day." I am only thinking of the start of SY, (tomorrow) and replied "oh, there's too much happening this weekend..." A few e-mails here and there, a "let's celebrate his b-day, too bad he's not gonna be here" and some overall silliness made for a great time last night. A similar gratitude-filled adventure with great friends and an attitude that resembles the end of your Blips.

Easy to get revved up about things, but with an open heart and good friends, easy to see what REALLY matters. Let's continue to spread it! Plus, I ended up with a rainbow flag gift (long story) that will fly in my room -- who knows what comments I will hear? Tolerance anyone?

Thanks for making me smile and THINK!

Malama Pono,

Michael Pacheco
Hamakua Coast, Big Island of Hawaii, USA - August 1, 2011


A Good Read: Karen Moller's A Taste Of Mortality In A Pocket Of Pain

To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading Karen Moller's piece. It's very well written. Thank you for publishing it.


Bashir Sakhawarz
Geneva, Switzerland - August 1, 2011


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Published August 15, 2011
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