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(October 10, 2011)


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A Swans/BBC tie-in: Louis Proyect's "Henry's Demons": A Review

To the Editor:


You'll love this: I went to sleep late Sunday night, too tired to switch the radio off, immediately after reading the timely piece "Henry's Demons: A Review" in the current issue of the Commentary.

I woke up drowsily Monday afternoon to the rousing end theme of BBC Radio 4's soap opera, "The Archers." Then I woke real quick when the following Radio 4 Afternoon Play was announced: a 45-minute dramatisation of "Henry's Demons," featuring the actual voices of Patrick and Henry. How neat is that?

The play is available to listen to worldwide (like all BBC radio, though not TV) until 1355 UTC, 0555 PDT on Monday, 3 October, and is well worth a hearing at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0150mld

I'm sure your readers would appreciate a tip-off for this Swans/BBC tie-in.


Michael Daly
Swansea, United Kingdom - September 27, 2011


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Published October 10, 2011
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