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(May 7, 2012)


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The end of the European Union

To the Editor:

With Nicolas Sarkozy on track to losing the French presidential election, he will be the eleventh European leader to be thrown out of power. Instability reigns within the European Union. The U.K. is back in the red, in economic recession. In Spain, almost 25% of the population is unemployed and the economy keeps falling apart. Portugal is not much better, and let's not even talk about little Greece.

One third of French voters supported candidates that opposed the EU in the first round of the presidential election. In Greece, 32 political parties are running in the legislative elections next Sunday. Half of the population wants out of the euro zone. The far-right, nationalist movements are rising in all European countries. Germany, the economic engine of Europe, has become a villain. Unable to solve the economic and financial crises, the political classes are in disarray, the elites have lost control. It's only a matter of time before the EU implodes.

Darrell Johnson
Tempe, Arizona, USA - May 1, 2012


Manuel García and France

Hey Mr. d'Aymery,

Please thank Manuel García for his warm consideration. I'm afraid a picture of my beautiful legs would not fit a family-friendly publication such as Swans, and my husband would object to the display of my smiling exterior.

There is not much smile in France right now. Whoever wins won't make a difference. The country is falling apart. Mr. García recommends not to lose hope. He made me think of Jesse Jackson's "Keep hope alive!" But Mr. García, an otherwise thoughtful columnist, does not appear to know what is going on in France and in Europe. When close friends of mine choose to vote for Marine Le Pen, it's hard to keep hope alive. Marie Rennard told you, Mr. d'Aymery, that if you came back to France you would not recognize le pays de votre enfance. She is right, sadly.

As for the humor, please share with me Mr. García's e-mail address. I'll be glad to send him a picture of my beautiful legs. I'll also send him a French course, a DVD. It's about time he learns French. See, I'm full of humor. I love caricatures.


Alouette Arouet
Paris, France - May 4, 2012


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Published May 7, 2012
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