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(March 11, 2013)


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On the Passing of Isidor Saslav

To the Editor:

I learned reading the Swans issue of January 11 that sadly Dr. Saslav has passed away. He was a man of immense talent and I always enjoyed his writing. Please, pass on my sincere condolences to his family.


Darrell Johnson
Tempe, Arizona, USA - February 15, 2013


Isidor Saslav for ever

Hey Mr. d'Aymery:

No one who has read Isidor Saslav's articles can stay indifferent to his passing and not be affected by his death. Besides his huge cultural and musical knowledge, he appeared first to be a kind man. I see you've been deeply affected. It would be tough not to be affected by the loss of such a generous human being. May his family grieve in peace. Love to them.

Stay strong.

Alouette Arouet
Paris, France - February 17, 2013


Other Thoughts about Isidor Saslav

[ed. These are internal remarks exchanged among people associated with Swans. They were all written on or about January 28, 2013.]

From Gilles d'Aymery:


Isidor died yesterday. I loved and respected him very much. He was a true, kind human being -- with exceptional musical and cultural talent.

Not only Swans, but the entire cultural world, ought to mourn his passing.

With much love to his wife Ann, his son David, his daughter-in-law Melissa, and his daughter Lea.

From Guido Monte:

My expression of sympathy to his family, to his friends and to the Swans community.

From Walter Trkla:

Family of Isidor and Swans Readers;

An expression of shared sorrow on the loss of Isidor, but as I once read about the passing of Chief Dan George, "...after such a life his death was a small thing." We are fortunate to have had such husbands, fathers, and talent in our lives. Warm wishes to his family in the future.

From Peter Byrne:

Isidor's writing was never about himself. He wrote with the zest of youth about his love of beauty and the artists who created it. G.B. Shaw, whom he idolized, would have been proud of him. He is irreplaceable.

From Glenn Reed:

Shared sorrow for this loss, but gratitude for people such as Isidor Saslav that I didn't know personally, but who clearly touched the lives of so many others in a good way. Their essence, truly, is carried on inside others and will continue to make the world a better place.

From Gilles d'Aymery:

I think Peter got the true character of Isidor. Yes, he is irreplaceable, because he was unique. Beauty through music was his calling. Love for his wife, children, and humanity was also his calling. Kindness and gentleness were in his fibers. He simply was a gentleman -- and a talented one. Isidor was a giver, not a taker.

In regard to his passion for Shaw, Ann and Isidor have assembled over 50 years what may well be the largest private collection in the world, some 8,000 items they lovingly put together in multiple rooms within their house in Overton, Texas. I recommend that you visit a virtual tour of the Saslavs' Shaw collection.

There are several videos that David Saslav (Isidor's son) took, which will show you how this modest and humble man put together such an amazing feat.

Here is the link:

Saslav Shaw Collection

As I've said, I loved him deeply. I wish he could have been my father. And I am still distraught by his death.

From Jonah Raskin:

How does one "replace" him? Impossible. He's irreplaceable.

From Lea Saslav:

Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this loving and lovely tribute to my Dad. I read each word with relish and realize how much this publication meant to him and everyone associated with it.


Nice People

To the Editor:

Nice people are legion. Nice people are the reason why this world will not end. Nice people are generous. Among the highest forces inherently within us is the power of generosity. Imagine our future in which this power is being practised worldwide and daily, from the tops of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest valleys.

Leland Mellott
Mount Vernon, Washington, USA - February 12, 2013


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Published March 11, 2013
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