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Letters to the Editor

(June 17, 2013)


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On William Vogt and Population Control by Michael Barker

To the Editor:

Nothing covered here but what James Ridgeway said in his Politics of Ecology in the late 1960s. Vogt has been roundly scolded, mainly for his choice of words or examples. Ridgeway quotes Vogt: "...angry muttering mobs, like chomping peccaries..." Capitalism and population growth in my view are but flip sides of the same sorry record. As can be seen in capitalist spokespeople's scurvy delight in chiming in with pseudo-leftist critiques of neo-Malthusianism, ever a threat to their goal of selling more stuff to more people. A possible indication that both right and left burnish their views with a hoary sentimentality re: the glorious destiny of "the nation" or "our kind of people, but not theirs..."

Tony Taylor
Buston, Maine, USA - June 15, 2013


On The Non-Drumbeaters And Non-Axe-Grinders by Gilles d'Aymery

To the Editor:

With a little effort you can find the original of William Styron's "Letter to an Editor" on the Web site of The Paris Review. It shows that not much has changed in the past 60 years but for the complexities of the modern world and the quality of our literature.

Yes, "technology has moved on" and so have the challenges. Unfortunately, the ideologies have not. Old ideologies die hard. Everybody needs his bible.


Darrell Johnson
Tempe, Arizona, USA - June 11, 2013


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Published June 17, 2013
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