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(September 23, 2013)


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A Number of Things on Syria

To the Editor:

Thanks for the comments on Syria.

There are a number of things. There is a vast amount of stuff on the Net. It is claimed the plan to overthrow the Syrian government and replace it with a moderate Islamist one was taken at Camp David by George Bush, Junior, in July 2001. Also General Powell visited with a list of demands in Aug. 2003, some of which were economic. There is an economic factor. From then on with the numerous visits of the Pro-Consuls, Kerry going 5 times, much of the list were economic ones, like have a trade union law to limit the power of trade unions. Part of this is the Imperial Pro-Consuls were disrespected. There was a twin track policy of 1) Behaviour Change or 2) Regime Change. The Syrians were regarded as not grovelling enough and did not privatise their entire economy, so the switch to track 2 appears to have been made in 2007, when training of paramilitaries began and the decision made on Saudi advice to reactivate the Jihadists. So you have to say now the gas attack is a False Flag Attack to cover open war as opposed to Covert operations. It can be called Gulf of Tonkin Incident II. So who supplied the gas?

P.S. It was Cameron's own Conservative MP's who revolted and voted him down in Britain; what had been going round that we don't know about?

Richard Roper
Sheffield, UK - September 9, 2013


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Published September 23, 2013
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