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(February 24, 2014)


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Sochi: Do not Buy the BS Peddled by the Anglo-Saxon Media

To the Editor:

So you think the Sochi Games are a real disaster? Well, yes, the money spent could have improved lives in Russia just like the billions spent in 2010 in BC could have done the same thing, but the rest that you hear and read about Sochi is utter lies. Gay bashing, killing stray dogs, no water in hotel rooms, half toilets, ten toilets in one room for athletes, are shameful propaganda in the Western Media that does not want Putin as leader of Russia. The following links are to the Globe and Mail and some other sites that expose the ongoing anti-Putin campaign. We want a Yeltsin in Russia who allowed us a free hand, which led to the greatest robbery of assets prior to wolves of Wall Street. Some of you have communicated with me on this issue and I am shocked that even the most educated have NOT BOTHERED TO LOOK AT WHAT IS BEHIND THIS PROPAGANDA. What is behind the riots in the Ukraine and the American diplomat saying "f--k the EU"? Well, read on brothers and sisters -- it's Putin who is being attacked with $5 billion already spent by NATO nations to destabilize Ukraine.





Walter Trkla
Kamloops, BC, Canada - February 8, 2014


The 'us versus them' attitude in America

To the Editor:

The "us versus them" attitude abounds in US history. It's not a recent thing it has always existed since 1492.

The pilgrims emigrated supposedly to escape persecution in Europe (I think they were driven by economics, too) and the first thing they did when they got to NA was to start persecuting others who didn't believe, well, like the "us."

Then, the government sanctioned the genocide of the native Americans (weren't like "us") and allowed slavery (weren't like "us"). They continued that practice for many years after other nations revoked the principle, and an internal war had to be fought to change it (although Lincoln couldn't say the war was about freeing the slaves at the beginning, otherwise Northern whites wouldn't have fought). Even when slavery was supposedly legally abolished, the persecution continued for another hundred years through the power, control, and laws of the "us" (e.g., separate but equal). Why were these actions done to the "thems"? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Control of land and its resources plus absolute control of one of the major factors of production equals dollars. Slaves, as well as people marginalized on the edge of a society, were/and are a huge financial asset.

Then, we come to war. America has had many, many in the past 50 years. War has a tradition of portraying the others in the altercation as "thems." It's a common practice by all nations, but if you're going to war often, your own public gets used to it.

Then, your public gets armed to protect self against the other "thems" internally. So, you end up with a guy shooting and killing a kid in a parked car for playing his music too loud after not turning it down upon request.

Walter Trkla
Kamloops, BC, Canada - February 16, 2014


Good Morning from Beautiful Sochi -- SOCHI COЧИ !

To the Editor:

People have been sadly misled by the Mainstream Media about Sochi. If you really want to know what Sochi looks like just click on the link below and like Don Cherry you will be amazed. This is Maria Sharapova's home town and like Maria it's beautiful. Unfortunately the captions under the pictures are in Russian so you may miss the many health facilities in the city.



Walter Trkla
Kamloops, BC, Canada - February 17, 2014


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Published February 24, 2014
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