1997 Predictions
by Gilles d'Aymery

January 01, 1997

Galloping through the stables of time, here comes a new year, assuming obviously that you belong to the Christian tradition. Beside being relative, time apparently has a different meaning according to one's cultural background. But conventions being what they are I have received good wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from, among others, friends from Indian, Chinese, Israeli and Palestinian background -- none of whom believes that Jesus was the son of God and each of whom uses a different calendar. It matters little, anyhow. What counts is that the retailing season was moderately successful and that people are still alive after dropping dead from shopping. Now is the time to recycle the tree and go hunting for bargains. This is known in some quarters as a market-based Christianity, the heavenly marriage of faith and the pocket-book.

We can not entertain in this space the shuddering thought of what would happen to our great civilization if people simply stopped praying and consuming, but at least we can make a few predictions for these next twelve months.

You can be confident that our last prediction will be realized.

Published January 01, 1997
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