The State of the Union
by Gilles d'Aymery

February 06, 1997

Balancing the budget, enacting campaign finance reform, creating jobs for the welfare recipients...

It was his best speech as yet, they say.

But where was the wind?
Where was the sea?
Where was the sky?

His maximum priority for the next four years is to have the best education in the world. He has a plan of action, containing ten principles, from national standards to the information age. Ten principles...

A peach in the orchard
A breath of freedom
An undulating wheat field
The salt of the earth,
And the ocean
A sobbing rose at dawn
A starry night
A cathartic rain
An Argentine tango
And a dream

Nothing of that sort. Just business, as usual.

No inspiration; just a stupid pirú.

Oh Allende, oh Neruda, where are you?

Published February 06, 1997
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