Reach for the Stars
by Gilles d'Aymery

April 04, 1997

So we had our three days of occultism which were most fitting after all. Was it not Easter? 39 people died! Wow, what a mass suicide! Do you wonder how many people died in car accidents during that same weekend? Funny, that's not newsworthy. But those guys, can you imagine, they chose to die. That's news! And they chose to die for "something" they believed in. That's a rather unusual behavior, isn't it? Christians, and other monotheist believers tend to go and kill others in the name of their beliefs. Funny also, their leader did not request his followers to give all their belongings to the "cause". Wouldn't you like to see Pat Robertson and the other televangelist Mafiosi behave accordingly? And they were chaste... Isn't it what the Christian Right want you to be? But some got castrated... Pfffftttt, don't you think that Puritanism is the ultimate form of castration? No? Then why is pornography so popular? And they believed in UFO's... Is that more bizarre than believing in Jesus or the virginity of Mary? They all are just that, beliefs. And we are a country of believers. 95 percent of the American People believe in "something", which translates into 1,500 or 1,600 different religions. What is a cult then? Jesus (assuming he ever existed) and his Jewish friends were a cult in the eyes of the Romans. Then, with time and number, Christians became a Church. Time, numbers, just a matter of definitions.

Well, at least you had something to talk about. Before it was Clinton's campaign-funding scandal or a plane crash. Today it's McVeigh. Tomorrow it'll be the sex of whatever angels, Michael Jackson's child is a clone, and the like. You'll still have something to talk about.

Have a great day!

Published April 04, 1997
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