Mud from a Mind Spring
by Swans

From time to time, Swans likes to feature comments we receive from our readers. After all, were it not for you, Swans would be nothing more than a falling of trees in the woods. Though the contributors clearly derive pleasure from expressing themselves through words, it's certainly most rewarding when those words are heard or read.

Mr. W. K. of sent the following letter to the editor, which the editor left unedited out of respect for freedom of speech, punctuation and grammar:

"I apologize for writing--I usually ignore those who disguest me but your guidelines really hit me wrong this morning"
No apology accepted. A true writer can't help but write.

"You will never find more ---Humor and wit appreciated. -----than the next part of your guidelines--no comedian could out do you, no communinsit or dictator could surpass you when you write." "Pro-gun, so-called 'pro-life' (anti-choice), pro-death penalty, and religious extremist papers will not be accepted."
Yeah, we say that, although any compelling, well-written, spelled and grammatically-correct essay will be considered. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we have yet to hear a compelling pro-gun, anti-choice, pro-death penalty argument. Note: The Christian Science Monitor has never accepted an article from Swans, nor has Swans accepted funds from any comedic, communist or dictatorial organization.

"Please let me know when God annointed you--you--beyond all people to think you had a right to close your mind to others opinions, other's ideas, please let me know where I can find this light that has so elevated you"
Clearly, you have already found the light. Though this editor was much too young to have a say about her baptism, God did not anoint her--her--to close her mind. Much to God's dismay, it is probably far too open.

"golly it must be tough to live with someone so self-righteous as yourself--thank goodnessed you were also blessed with the ability to be in your own presence--"
Our self-righteousness only extends to a vow never to use the word "golly" in a sentence. Beyond that, it's certainly not easy to be in our presence, but "thanksed" to God, one deals with the inherent struggle the best one can.

"I have very strong opinions, radical and different than yours and I think they're right but luckily I have never closed my mind to others----thank god I don't associate with anyone like you----"
Oops! You just did, on both matters!

Mr. K. should not apologize for writing. We welcome readership and opinions indeed. Though it is much more interesting to debate issues than to sling mud at trees.

"Thoughts, ideas, opinions," says Swans' title...

We did not add "belief"...

On purpose.

Published December 18, 1997
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