2000 Predictions
by Swans

No, how can it be? You're still alive? No Y2K mayhem, no terrorist attack, no Armageddon? Electricity's running, there's water from the faucet, supermarkets have food aplenty... Man, what to do with the generator, the gallons of water, zillion of cans of food, barrels of gasoline stored in the garage? Fully prepared for the end of time and the only beginning to account for is a bad headache and a hangover... What a letdown! But, don't worry, there's more to come for the anxiety-addicted masses. Millennarists can buy time by declaring 2001 as the true new millennium, thus giving themselves another year to dream about the coming of the end, and Y2K fatalists can start preparing for Y3K. If that's not enough, keep the terrorists and "rogue" states in mind. The mere incantation of those villains should help us all stick to our bunkers and hold on to the ammo and the stored food. Of course, if that's still not enough, there are our predictions:

And for those of us still around to observe all of the above there will be Swans' Commentaries to savor.


Resources on the War in Yugoslavia and its Aftermath


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Published January 1, 2000
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