Thoughts on Parting

A Poem by Cia Serby



Dear brother, on life's transitory
My heart must ache awhile that
     would you stay,
My arms yearn still, desiring to
To press your sweetness to myself

But there are other paths for you
     to walk
And countless conversations yet to
And new discernings, and new
     loves to feel.
How can I cheat you them? It
     were to steal!

No lover can restrain the one they
No soul, possessed, can freely soar
The sweet but often suffocating
Only those free to leave will to

Such joy you brought to me,
     for to endear
Our frienship now another
     several years!
Walk you in many worlds. Go
     with delight,
And know my hands shall
     greet you when they might.

Cia Serby, Austin, Texas


To Gilles - for your comfort
     and your blessing.

                    June 1977


Cia Serby gave this poem to Gilles d'Aymery in June 1977, in Round Top, Texas, as he was departing for a trip to South America. They never met again.


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Published November 20, 2000
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