She Was Bridge-Killed
by Pedja Zoric

March 26, 2000 - Note from the Editor:  We received this poem by E-mail. We found it worth sharing with our readers. We reproduce it as we received it. It was E-mailed primarily to a series of Canadian Parliament Members. See in particular the various notes below the author's name and address, especially the last one (we were BCCed).

She was lean; pilot mean, keen
She was newest; hitman from wild west
She was weak; no brain geek sick
She was sad; killer mad, well fed
Standing still; down going steel
She was sun; killer having fun
She was third; down going bird
Architecture masterpiece; madman no peace
She was pure; well paid cold murderer

Another dead watching; bonehead smiling
She was still up; to kill time is up
Did she think; moron put his finger thick
Destiny is on the brink; dollars coming with his trick
She was still tight; coward had height
Collateral was there; joystick here
Still not yet stressed; button pressed
No more beauty; ugly was on duty

Truth is bitter; fleeing back to cheater
Neighbors on booze; liar on the loose
People crying, singing; animals laughing
Why this; sex maniac lawyer “is”
Humans on trucks; Cretin puppet on drugs
Will be free; criminals in jail we’ll see

In Memory of “Freedom” Bridge – Novi Sad, Serbia
“Thank you west for the big toboggan” Grandmother said to her grandkids.
With humor & song we survived, will help … we’ll see

Poem was not written by myself, ruther by the human inside me.
All the humans have the right to modify anything they want,
and use it in any form or shape, for better humanity.

Pedja Zoric
Kitzilano, BAHKYBEP
Beautiful Columbia
Canada (needs to become Canada again)

To: Animals
Cc: Good and not so good MPs

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Published March 26, 2000
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