Justice at The Hague

by Michel Collon

July 9, 2001

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If they tell us that everything that has happened in Yugoslavia is the fault of one man, all the while hiding the manoeuvring by the German and subsequently the American Secret Services to blow to pieces this too independent country, and remaining silent on the arms they furnished to the enemies of the Serbs, long before these wars;

If they hide the discreet but revealing words with which Clinton and other US and NATO leaders admitted that they were carrying out this war on behalf of Globalisation, the multinationals and the control of the oil supply lines;

If they admit today that public opinion was manipulated with regard to the true reasons for past wars (Korea, Suez, Algeria, the Gulf) as well as with regard to the crimes committed by the armies of the West during those wars, but that in recent wars everything was better and the media told the truth;

If the media magnates persist in courageously refusing all debate on the recent media lies;

If the Western leaders affirm in 1998 that the KLA is a terrorist organisation, in 1999 that it is not at all and that in 2001 it most certainly is;

If they want to make us believe that justice will be done by a tribunal that has no legal basis, largely funded from not disinterested private finance (Soros, Rockefeller, Time Warner), a tribunal that has no respect for any of the basic principles of law (not least of which is the presumption of innocence until proved guilty) a tribunal that changes the rules every time that it suits it to do so and which refuses to try the crimes committed in ex-Yugoslavia by Washington's protégés, not to mention NATO's own crimes;

If they claim that it was right to wage war and kill thousands of civilians to put in power a democratic and legalist president when the deportation of Milosevic was carried out in violation of the laws of Yugoslavia, of its government and of its judicial system;

If they claim that the criteria of what is democratic or not in the world must be fixed by a United States President, elected by a quarter of the population (without the vote of the poor), once billions of dollars from the multinationals have limited the choice to two bought candidates and once public opinion has been totally manipulated by the most stupefying media in the world;

If they tell us that such a President can put in power, arm, finance and protect Mobutu, Sharon and Pinochet and nearly all the military dictators in the world for the last fifty years, while claiming the right to condemn the Heads of State they do not like;

If they tell us that the United States leadership can assassinate with immunity, legally elected Heads of State -- Allende, Lumumba, six attempts on the life of Castro and many others -- while retaining the right to kidnap any Third World leader who resists Globalisation (of course after skilfully orchestrated media demonisation);

Then I say they are taking us for a bunch of idiots.


       Michel Collon is a Belgian writer and journalist. He has written extensively on the geo-political aims of NATO's war against Yougoslavia and is the author of two books on the Balkans, Liar's Poker and Monopoly. This article is re-published with the author's permission.

       Please, DO NOT steal, scavenge or repost this work without the expressed written authorization of Swans, which will seek permission from the author. This material is copyrighted, © Michel Collon 2001. All rights reserved.

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Published July 9, 2001
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