My Patriotism Was Not Offended

by John Blunt

September 17, 2001

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I am not so ready to dress in red white and blue tomorrow, or light candles to show I am in lock step with these Americans that need to demonstrate that they "will not tolerate terrorism." I am dying from the poison patriotic intolerances. I am weary and ill with the way these words "terrorism" and "terrorists" have been bantered around. I am sick in my heart from all these calls for revenge and retribution and slaughter.

My patriotism was not offended, and so I'm afraid I will not be joining in these displays of national unity.

My humanity, however, was injured dearly, and I will be mourning that, as best I can -- as best I know how. A stone was thrown into the water of life, and the waves are moving through me still.

I will be mourning the suffering of people in New York and Washington. I will be mourning the suffering of people in Jerusalem. I will be mourning the suffering of Iraqis. I will be mourning the suffering of the crazy guy down the street who screams obscenities at the top of his lungs and sits in his own shit. Anybody wants to join in with me, god bless. I'll be down at the studio building stuff and having a cold beer, or at the beach, or in the park, or wherever else -- until the other shoe drops . . .

If Americans across the nation want to unify under the ideals of tolerance, and justice, and forgiveness, and love -- values of freedom and democracy that are sincere and meaningful to me -- then I'll be happy to join in, wear red white & blue purple or green, light candles fireworks or farts, or anything else under the sun and moon.


       John Blunt is an artist and a writer who lives in San Francisco, California.

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Published September 17, 2001
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