Clown Del Ponte

by Pedja Zoric

September 3, 2001

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Has anybody found the transcript from the ICTY hearing against Mr. Slobodan Milosevic on August 30, 2001? All of the headlines in the western media go something like: "Milosevic Facing Genocide Charges."

That cannot be concluded after watching the actual hearing, at least not by me. It appears that the western media decided to give more coverage to a subsequent press conference/release by the prosecutor. And rightly so (for themselves), since the appearance of the prosecution team was laughable. Clown Del Ponte tried to produce some meaningful sentences; knowing actually nothing, she was quickly shut down by the judge from the Greater Britain.

Her English speaking assistant prosecutor tried to give some badly needed air to the surprised main prosecutor, repeating the same line over and over again, lawyerish style, basically asking and requesting that the judges appoint the defence lawyer.

"No," said another judge, paraphrasing "... next time read the Statute first."

Clown Del Ponte jumped in a few more times; it would have been better for her not to. I'm curious to hear the expert opinion on the performance of the prosecution team.

Not much to add about the chess game between the accused and the judge from the NATO country, who was Blair's Labour MP candidate. Most western media covered more or less everything. Milosevic was cut only twice, the second time the hearing was over.

I wonder which western media tabloid powerhouse will find the courage and post the full transcript first. Under ICTY transcripts there is nothing, not even the first hearing.

I did not catch G for "genocide" during the hearing. It's possible I didn't hear it, or missed it while changing channels since the Criminal Network's News (CNN) switched to commercials in the middle, realising it's not going so well (for them). Thankfully, Canadian CBC rose to the occasion.

Next time I'll tape the show. Did anybody understand what the accused was saying at the very end, while his mike was off and the judges were exiting the chambers?

I was somewhat surprised when the judge informed us that the next hearing will be on October 29th. I was under the impression that at least every 30 days there must be some kind of procedural hearing, and the world can see at what stage is the process in.

What am I going to watch on television until then?


       Pedja Zoric is a computer guru who lives in Vancouver, Canada, and a member of the Serbian Canadian Society of Vancouver. He can be reached at Swans.

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Published September 3, 2001
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