A poem by Sandy Lulay


A stream flows pink with blood;
A forest screams,
A village burns,
A tear seals a coffin.

A bride is dressed in white;
A baby is conceived,
Violets bloom in a front yard
Defying war.

A soldier yearns
for the gentle lotion
Of love
Only a wife can give.

A ray of goodness
Struggles against suppression:
Reaching, as truth limps away
On crushed toes.

Someone is sowing the seeds of hate;
The pain of it bruises the soul,
The rage of it prepares for
Perpetual resurrection.

Humanity staggers down a lonely street
Pushed by deaths chant;
A hungry child weeps,
Hate smiles upon the tears.

While a mother prays for food,
She hears rage preaching.
Somewhere the violets have disappeared
And so has a soul.


       Sandy Lulay, originally from Woodstock, New York, is a resident of Stuart, Florida. Lulay is an "Original Woodstock Girl" who has been writing poetry since age ten. Many of her poems have been published both in Woodstock and Stuart's Sleeping Bear Review. She is currently working on a collection of poems that express the true soul of Woodstock, America's first art colony.

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Published March 19, 2001
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