A poem by Sandy Lulay


Created blind,
He is a figment of
A fractured mind;
An eager benediction
Of an army simile.

Uniform engendered,
He commands his post
Content to toast
The dying score
In the order of a day.

Unfazed, he is a prodigy
Of his President, his King.
He listens second only
To the pulsing beat
Of marching feet.

The sightless sounds
Of fighting men
Will follow him, even
As the canons fire
Across the border walls.

Even as the
Women weep for all
Who lay between
The songs of streams
And sobs of hell

While the blessed
Priests profane
The conquering with
Laurels to the victors
Given in His name.

Oh, what a thrill,
Is it not, to be
One more soldier
Content in the eclipse
Of...Of which war?


       Sandy Lulay, originally from Woodstock, New York, is a resident of Stuart, Florida. Lulay is an "Original Woodstock Girl" who has been writing poetry since age ten. Many of her poems have been published both in Woodstock and Stuart's Sleeping Bear Review. This poem was composed in 95 when a friend of the author joined the Marines.

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Published November 26, 2001
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