Conservation Is Not Enough

Compiled by Michael G. Hanauer

February 5, 2001



  • The United States creates approximately 80% of the world's waste.
  • To provide for expanding population (.8%), 5.6m kilowatts at $18b needed per year.
  • A US child consumes 30-40 times the natural resources of a child in the developing world.
  • "Despite 20 years of federally mandated auto-emission controls, tailpipe pollution has continued to rise because there are more cars and thus more traffic on the road".
  • Per capita consumption is up 45%, quality of life index is down by 51% over 20 years
  • 1990 per capita garbage = 4.1 pounds/day; 1960 = 1.6 pounds less with 100m fewer people
  • Even if industrial nations cut CO2 emissions by 65%, in 30 years increasing population will create a net increase of 300%.
  • Growth rate of CO2 to world population over last 25 years correlate to 99.89%.
  • Total energy use has increased an average of 1.1% (oil 1%) each year since 1970 (same rate as population).
  • 93% of US energy use increase (22%) since 1970 can be attributed to population growth. [Prof. John Holden, Chair, Energy and Resource Group, U.Calif. Berkeley.]
  • 43% lower per cap. energy use by 2030 poss, but expect 12% total increase due to added pop.
  • Humans have increased in numbers by 50% over 20 years ago. We now take twice the energy and material and deposit twice the pollution and waste. [Donella Meadows interview]
  • Better economic conditions can cause increase in fertility (eg 1950s) [Virginia Abernethy].
  • United States, with 5 percent of world population:
    • Produces 72% of all hazardous waster and consumes 33% of the world's paper.
    • Produces 21% of CO2 (40,000 pounds per person per year).
    • Burns 25% of world's fossil fuels. [Ehrlich article]
    • Has 33% of the world's autos, 50% miles driven.
    • Uses 25% of world's energy = 1/2 million gallons of oil per minute. = 3 Japanese, 6 Mexicans, 12 Chinese, 33 Indians, 147 Bangladeshis, 422 Ethiopians.
  • Industrialized (developed) world (24 countries with 23% of world population):
    • Consumes 2/3 of all resources, produces 3/4 of all pollutants and wastes
    • Consumes 80% of commercial fuel, 85% of commercial timber,
    • Cons. 81% of world paper, 80% of iron and steel, 86% of aluminum, 75% of energy, 61% of meat
    • Consumes 75% of world's metals. Has 85% of world's GNP.
    • Produces 83% of world's CFCs (ozone depletion)
    • Produces 90% of the 360m metric tons of hazardous waste produced each year, 70% of CO2
  • From 1973-1988, gas per mile down 29%, number cars up 58%, gas consumption up 17% (Winter 1994)
  • Population growth accounted for 40% of the increase since 1960 in carbon dioxide emissions (Winter 1994)


This material is copyrighted, © 1996 Michael G. Hanauer. Reproduction, distribution and use of this document for non-profit, non-commercial use without permission is highly encouraged. The above compilation is an excerpt of an extensive series of statistics and facts. The complete compilation is available at http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~jtownsen/zpg-boston/zappers.html.


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