Yugoslavia: High Emotions Do Not Abate

Open Letter to Richard, by Micha

February 19, 2001


Ed. Note:  This material was found on an Internet Newsgroup Forum early February 2001. It is reproduced unedited. Only the names have been changed to respect privacy.


Silence is often interpreted as assent, so just so as mine won't be interpreted in that way I want to say this for the record and then, as far as Richard is concerned, I *will* withdraw into that silence and consign him to keep company with Zacharia and Pete in my killfile [two other members of the forum]. Not because I think he is right and I am wrong, but because of the fact that he upsets me so badly that the consequences are physical.

Richard is continuing to peddle the NATO line that their "war" was not against the people but against the "regime". Given the vicious assault on the economy and the infrastructure and the basic sovereignty and culture of a nation that has done nothing to NATOcrats except be a thorn in their side, I have my doubts about that. so have others; try reading this article International Justice and the End of International Law for at least one opinion of how our world has been fundamentally changed, and not for the better, by such arrogance. Keep an eye also for the William Ratliffe article in the next issue of Harvard International Review (http://www.hir.harvard.edu/). Just incidentally, have you stopped to think about the position that I am in here with the sources backing my position - it is demanded of me to not only provide sources for my position but they have to be sources that cannot be dismissed out of hand by people like Richard. That means that anything written by anyone who has a Yugoslav name or has any links to anything Yugoslav is immediately thrown out - because Richard will sneer at it as tainted. But he can quote American sources against me with impunity.

Richard would be the first to applaud any American defense of their own country and culture as a patriotic duty, an admirable thing for them to do - but woe betide the serbs when they do the same thing. Yugoslavia is their country; they have nowhere else to go, nothing else to do but defend their own. What were they supposed to do, lie down and die? Turn their backs and let themselves be shot quietly by the thugs in the KLA which even the Americans had called terrorists as late as the early nineties? He goes further than that. The fact that no evidence can be found for the crimes of which the Serbs (as a whole - don't anyone tell me that Richard is making distinctions here) are accused is taken to mean not proof that such crimes were invented by the people for whom they were convenient but that the Serbs are blacker criminals than they originally were because not only did they do the deed but they conspired with evil intent to hide the "evidence". The fact is, the proverbial fecal matter is now starting to hit the rotating blades with a vengeance, what with DU and all sorts of other things that NATO is starting to get accused of, and it's time once again for a smokescreen. So the "evidence" that was elusive for two years has been hurriedly proclaimed on American national radio. This, of course, is gospel to Richard. The fact that OSCE has said that there was no real evidence is dismissed as propaganda. I have yet to see Richard get righteously indignant about anything that was done TO the serbs. And yes, I know I've said this before. I wouldn't want to be his conscience, though.

Richard, this is the last time I'll address you directly in this forum, and probably I will make a concerted effort to avoid anything with your name on it from now on - but I go to a site like http://www.web-light.nl/VISIE/extremedeformities.html and I am heartsick, and angry, and terrified. This is the legacy of a decade of the same weapons that were so mindlessly used against Yugoslavia. are my sister's children going to have babies that look like this?

I am not jiminy cricket. Good night, Richard, and sleep well, and may the blinkers help you keep the nightmares away.



Read Richard's answer to this Open Letter


Micha is a Netizen of Serbian heritage. This material was found on an Internet Newsgroup Forum early February 2001. It is reproduced unedited. Only the names have been changed to respect privacy.


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Published February 19, 2001
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