Jupiter's Eye

by David A. Garrett


Shout to the sky
Piss on the moon
Spit in Jupiter's eye
The end is soon
And come with me
For a swim in the sea
Wade in the shallow water
The Earth is growing hotter
Never leave its growing warmth
Never enter its only heart
We live, we cry
And then we die
Only to start the journey over.

Until Our Quest Is Done
Wet leaves slide down your back
No more blue in the sky of black
Walk with me in the stinging rain
Never mind them, they're all insane
Never better will our lives be
When I'm with you and you're with me
Run we shall, into the sun
Until our quest is done.

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David A. Garrett, is a high school graduate who will be attending a community college in the fall to transfer to the University of Tennessee and study Journalism. He lives in Knoxville, TN, enjoys reading, writing, listening to great classics (Pink Floyd, Doors, etc.), and cliff jumping.

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Published July 1, 2002
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