Erratum on DU Locations in Yugoslavia


On November 26, 2001 we published the article Sweeping the Truth Under the DU Rug: NATO Use of Depleted Uranium in the War Against Yugoslavia by Dr. Vladimir Ajdacic & Dr. Predrag Jaksic.

Two weeks later, on December 10, our good friend Pedja Zoric alerted us that there were possible flaws in how Dr. Jaksic and Dr. Ajdacic had interpreted NATO-published DU location coordinates. Zoric, with the help of Dr. Piotr Bein, researched the issue thoroughly and contacted Drs. Ajdacic and Jaksic with their findings that the authors' characterization could not be substantiated.

After careful review both Dr. Jaksic and Dr. Ajdacic concurred with Pedja Zoric and Piotr Bein. Consequently, Dr. Ajdacic acknowledged by e-mail that their misinterpretation of the maps had led them to incorrect conclusions and asked that their paper be disregarded. Dr. Ajdacic added that they deeply regretted the inconvenience to Swans and to its readers.

So do we.

Consequently, we are appending this erratum to their paper and we apologize for this unfortunate incident. We all make mistakes, but not all acknowledge them. Dr. Ajdacic and Dr. Jaksic should be commended for their intellectual integrity and we should all be grateful to people like Pedja Zoric and Piotr Bein. They, among many volunteers, make Swans what it is, a little corner in cyberspace where honesty prevails so that we may all form our own opinion based on reliable information and strong opinions. To our readers, please never hesitate to contact us when you catch an error.

It remains that the truth behind DU should not be swept under the rug as it keeps being used in other parts of the world with mere total obfuscation. After Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia, now Afghanistan and possibly again in Iraq later on this year, how long will it take for the human community (compared to the so-called international community) to realize that DU should be banned as yet another weapon of indiscriminate harm?

The Editors


Published February 11, 2002
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