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Regarding Stephen Gowans's article, The Worst Day of the War? (March 11, 2002)

To the Editor:

I must applaud Stephen Gowans' article. I have noticed the dangerous parallels between the Bush "regime" and the Hitler-lead Nazi regime in Germany. They are chilling. Most "Americans" seem blinded and caught up in this retaliatory exercise in Afghanistan. Few ask any questions at all. I ask questions which is why I feel that the war has nothing whatsoever to do with "terrorism." It is about greed, oil, and "American" imperialism. This country is making a grave error, and unfortunately, the "karmic" consequences are just as bad.

I hope more of the "American" sheeple wake up and take responsibility, both, for themselves and for our country before it is too late. We are moving with great momentum to martial law. Our civil rights, our constitution, our Bill of Rights, are being trampled in the name of "justice," for the cause of "fighting terrorism" which has yet to be defined. We are encouraged to stop thinking, we are lead to believe that our leaders know what they are doing and have all the answers while refusing to answer simple questions regarding Enron, regarding unresolved issues surrounding 9/11. We assume that NAFTA was ratified by the states and not put into effect by executive order, an unconstitutional procedure. We are fed newsbytes and assume we understand what is going on in the world around us never questioning what we are eating. We assume we receive the truth from the media, from politicians, from corporations, from other countries, never stopping to ask: What do they believe? Do they believe in the same God? Do they worship the same God or do they worship money and power? When will we know if we've won? Do we live in a Republic or democracy? Was George Orwell a prophet? We have become a fat, lazy, complacent, shallow-thinking people.

I believe in a strong America and I'm not talking of military might. I believe in accountability and responsibility, neither of which seems in great supply in political or corporate circles. I believe that we need to ask questions, demand answers, and encourage independent, deep thinking, not from "think-tanks" but from the common people for that is where the resolve and cleansing will come from. I believe that the alarm bells are ringing. I can hear them, but unfortunately, most people are still sleeping.

Freedom is never free.

Guy Williams
Escondido, California

Stephen Gowans: The Worst Day of the War? (March 11, 2002)
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Published March 25, 2002
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