Iraq: A Formula For The Future

by Philip Greenspan

August 26, 2002


After being turned down by almost all nations that were asked for cooperation in the coming war against Iraq and hearing the skepticism of top military men, it now appears that the Bush administration is receiving quite a bit of flak from numerous prominent men of the Republican Party.

The entire world is concerned about what may eventually happen. Not only could casualties, including countless innocent civilians, be substantial but the war might trigger other cataclysmic events which could last for many years.

And with so much opposition confronting the administration hawks, to calm the waters, Dubya declared, "I'll be making up my mind based upon the latest intelligence and how best to protect our own country plus our friends and allies." Aha, once that great mind has obtained the intelligence, he will apply -- don't laugh -- his intelligence.

If we were to figure out algebraically how much intelligence was involved in the decision we might substitute the intelligence he receives as Int-l and the intelligence he will apply to it as Int-2. Most likely the resulting decision, Dec, might be the result of a simple addition, Dec = Int-1 + Int-2. However if he were to really ponder over the incoming intelligence and create a synergistic relationship with it and his intelligence, it might be more appropriate to think of the result as the product of the two, or Dec = Int-1 x Int-2.

But if one cares to do a little pondering before deciding which formula is most appropriate one will find out that the incoming intelligence is originating from the same source that missed out on 9/11; has been unable to cave out bin Laden; can't locate the Anthrax "terrorist;" and has over the years been quite unsuccessful on numerous other intelligence assignments (check out the Texas score card). Not much needs be said on Dubya's abilities. Accordingly, it would seem appropriate to reformulate the formula to read Dec = 1 / (Int-1 x Int-2).

It is indeed a sad commentary to discover that the fate of the world is now hanging by a thread and the above formula on these two great intelligences will determine its future.

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Published August 26, 2002
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