South of Jade

A poem by Sandy Lulay


We arrived from the sky
Holding hands with the wind
And each other;
Dazed by the beauty
Of that first breath sans ego,
Before we became bones
Glued tight by meat,
Before we could speak.

Together we walked
In the middle of a stream
Of curious Earthlings;
Our spirits blending
With Earth light
And the silver shadows
Of the Milky Way.

Those were ancient times.

Today star memories
Flash quickly by
Like snowflakes on the tip
Of a sparrows wing.
Still, our journey
Must play out our stay
With these Earth Beings
Who stand so short on soul.

Earthlings have proved
They will never cease
To ignore the rules
And wisdom of Infinity.
They play at war and
The politics of rape
(be it man or country),
Take the life of a brother,
Erase a soul,
Steal a neighbors gold
And bury their sisters in graves
Ten strangers deep.

We have witnessed
White hoods burning
And heard the screaming
Echoes of suffering
And death in the ash.
We have seen fine cities
Turned to ghettos
And helicopters replace
The horse in wars.

Great cultures have
Disappeared into fires
Of lust and greed
And Earthlings have sneered
At Earthlings
Weeping in the dark
Of the newest Master Race.

We grieve
For the babies of Earth
Lost in the Villainous storms
And for the babies
Who will never be born.
We grieve
For the Earthlings
Who cannot be taught to see
Beyond what they were
Taught to believe.

Impatiently we wait
For the arms of Time
To lift us back to Jade
And for the loss
Of these sad memories......
Earth made.


       Sandy Lulay, originally from Woodstock, New York, is a resident of Stuart, Florida. Lulay is an "Original Woodstock Girl" who has been writing poetry since age ten. Many of her poems have been published both in Woodstock and Stuart's Sleeping Bear Review. Sandy is a Swans' kind of girl, our in-house poet.

         Please, DO NOT steal, scavenge or repost this work without the expressed written authorization of Swans, which will seek permission from the author. This material is copyrighted, © Sandy Lulay 2002. All rights reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

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Published February 25, 2002
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