No More Posse Comitatus

A Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith


No more dulce et decorum est,
from embedded journalists;
here to eternity blow to eternity
in a sudden shadow cast.

   She runs and burns forever,
   flesh like fish hangs in strips
   hung to dry in a dry season.

No more e pluribus unum
from one nation under deism,
a untied we stand hubris:
fear damnation if you don't.

   He waits an eternity to die;
   his breath held before the click,
   like a child turning blue.

No more eye illuminati
from the all-seeing Republic
whose gullible keep fixating
on distorted facts and lies

   They act like stock characters,
   tongues hanging as if in shock,
   in knee-deep with the knee-jerks.

No more morituri te salutant
from the brainwashed conscripts
who for their baccalaureate
trade bullets for brains.

   They aim to please their leader
   whose nose grows long from lying
   to the asses he has kissed.

No more amor patriae ad absurdum
from teeming bourgeois masses
who so dulled by creature comforts
deny what all the world sees plain.

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Gerard Donnelly Smith, a poet and musician, teaches creative writing, literature and composition at Clark College in Vancouver WA. CERRO de la ESTRELLA (Logan Elm Press, 1992) was chosen for The Governor's Award for the Arts in Ohio, 1992. Excerpts from THE AMERICAN CORPSE (10 poems) were published in Apex of the M in 1995. He is the current director of the Columbia Writers Series, an Honorary Board Member of The Mountain Writers Series, and co-advisor of the Native American Student Council at Clark College. He has also organized readings for Poets Against the War.

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Published July 7, 2003
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