War Sonata II

A Poem by Kahnupad Haider



The great land
Of cognoscenti
Sends out invitations


death-dance death-masks
desert-roses for Valentine
skull-garlands for born-again satanic saints


all words are not words
war is  a word
that can kill
macabre fantasies die hard

said Dean Moriarty:

What kicks!!!
What a land!!!
That was on the road in the fifties
Now we only have more

Concrete jungles and soul troubles
And bombs, bombs and more bombs
Blessed are the dead...

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Kahnupad Haider is the nom de plume Haider A. Khan uses when he writes poetry. Kahnupad is the name of the earliest buddhist poet c. 8th-9th century in Bengal. Khan is an award-winning poet, translator and literary critic. He has written on Octavio Paz, James Joyce and the Japanese Haiku master Basho, among others. He is a professor at the graduate school of international studies, University of Denver, and a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo.

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Published March 3, 2003
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