Quantum Jump

A Poem by Scott Orlovsky


many believe that love can be found in another
a personal love
a satisfaction in another's embrace
yet often this appears
as psychologically immature
a subliminal projection
for security
when unsure of oneself and one's world

before love can be found in another
love must be found within oneself
oneself as a creative process
oneself as the energy of galaxies
devoid of race and social origin
absent of wealth and beauty
as barometers of importance

position cowers before direction
a tabula rasa
to physical-intellectual-emotional-spiritual
enrichment and excellence

people habitually wrap-up their potential
with dogmatic articles of faith
and seek comfort
in mediocre self-satisfaction
content in chains in a cave peeking at shadows

they do not grasp or focus upon
the cultivation of joy
in ambitious self-actualization
to step out of the shell of existence
and ascend the stairs closer to cosmic essence

in the development of our innate potential
we need both competition and cooperation
a balance of opposition and symbiosis

not total competition
as this spurs survival of the fittest
selfish demolition of others
and the world

and not devoid of competition either
as that retards innovation and progress
with a lethargic ignorance of self
and society

civilization thrives on dynamic antagonism
as competition and cooperation
communicate in synergistic tongues
to catalyze higher levels
of socio-cultural synthesis

individuals thrive on
and realize on the path
to achieve excellence
that our only true competition
appears to be ourselves
and the constant challenge
to exceed our previous limitations

other individuals emerge to
us to reach our goals
and we support others
in a united enterprise
when our consciousness
expands to realize that
our individual abilities and talents
link with others to form

a socio-cultural mosaic
a Buddha-field of individuals
a planetary and universal entelechy
of interwoven matrices
that curve through space-time
and unfold dimensions
upon our liquid reality
to mutate us in to more evolved
stages of existence

a love of higher principles
a desire to evolve into a perfect
Platonic form
a wish for constellations of cooperation

a rejection of feudalism
the agricultural vampire
that drained the strength
of billions for centuries

a rejection of industrialism
the dinosaur of mass society
that imprisoned the proletariat
to the robotic assembly line

a rejection of corporatism
the ravenous beast of the global village
that captures life and creativity
in cages with electronic mirrors

the postmodern planetary organism aches for
a renewed and continual judgment
of values
of diversiform aesthetic qualities
to select a future
to reach out in strength and solidarity
in awareness and determination
to contribute every thought and action

to energetically augment
the vitality and beautiful strength
of creation

quantum jump start a tomorrow

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Poetry on Swans


Scott Orlovsky is a World History & Cultures, and an American History teacher at Clifton High School in New Jersey. He has a BA in History from the Johns Hopkins University and a MA in History from the University of Colorado. Orlovsky's writing has appeared in the Greenwich Village Gazette and he regularly contributes his columns to Swans.

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Published June 9, 2003
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