Note from the Editor

Being sort of a Martian myself, I've always enjoyed Yyuran, Deck Deckert's young friend who routinely comes and visits from the far-away planet. Remember, once they had a conversation about nukes. Today, Yyuran's inquisitive mind drills Deck on our "victory" in Afghanistan. I guess we should have more Martian visitors on our planet for it would help clear the bushes (no pun intended, of course) around the Bush II agenda that Michael Stowell illuminates with extensive detail. Once you understand the policies for what they are you can further appreciate Steven Gowans' question — "What Price American Primacy?" — and his answer. Once again, look for the patterns...

Patterns are forms which Milo Clark enjoys dissecting, often going back far into history. There is more than meets the eye in Russia and Central Asia, discourses Clark. Talking about courses, Margaret Wyles, an old friend of Swans, presents her own course on war and economics. Some of her lessons will undoubtedly puzzle Yyuran but they will show you yet more patterns going on right under our nose. Indeed, we must all be dummies! For her part, Aleksandra Priestfield ponders the state of free thinking and free speech in Americana and on the "code of silence" imposed on Academia for political reasons. She revisits a theme that Jan Baughman touched upon last November (we are republishing Baughman's piece too). Reactionary people fear freedom more than anything. Freedom brings dissent and knowledge, both a threat to their privileges. So they talk much about freedom and keep curtailing its expressions!

Finally, Sandy Lulay graces this rendition with a new poem, and we are sharing some interesting observations on the so-called Balkan Powder Keg by Dimitri Diamant, a regular Swans' reader. We've also added a series of random quotes on the front page. A new quote is displayed on the left column, below the box for the Thesaurus, every time you load the front page or return to it. There are presently about fifty quotes. We'll keep adding...

There is plenty to think about in this rendition and a lot of information you will hardly find in the main media. We hope you enjoy it. As always, please form your OWN opinion and let your friends (and foes) know about Swans. It's your voice that makes ours grow.


Cutting to the Chase

Stephen Gowans:  What Price American Primacy?

What price are Americans willing to pay to preserve the world as it is, with the US as the sole superpower and the country's preeminence unchallenged?   More...

Stephen Gowans is a writer, a political activist and a Swans' columnist.


Michael Stowell:  Patriot or Pirate?

Bush II's laundry list for 2001   More...

Michael Stowell is chairperson of the City of Arcata Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Commission, CA, and a Swans' columnist.


Margaret Wyles:  War And Economics For Dummies

With 9-11 being the end of the world as we knew it – nothing will ever be like before, and the like (you know, what you see on TV day in and day out...) – and the unrelenting message that the evil was up to get us, I confess to have been kind of uneasy lately.   More...

Margaret Wyles is a political activist and an occasional Swans' contributor.


Patterns Which Connect

Milo Clark:  Russia: Putin-Bush Palsy-Walsy?

To the Western European mind, Russia and the monstrosities of the east have long been demons. Reagan's "Evil Empire" was not his invention.   More...

Milo Clark is a Swans' founding member, advisor and columnist.


Aleksandra Priestfield:  "First They Came for the Academics..."

There is a plaque on the wall of the library building at the University of Cape Town, a University known for its liberal views and its sometimes downright belligerent attitude towards the mores and ethics of the day in apartheid-era South Africa.   More...

Aleksandra Priestfield an editor and a Swans' columnist.


Martian Humor with a Serious Message

Deck Deckert:  A Famous Victory

"We sure showed them," I said smugly to my Martian friend, Yyuran.

"Showed who what?"

"Those terrorists in Afghanistan   More...

A former copy, wire and news editor, Deck Deckert is a freelance writer and a Swans' columnist.



Sandy Lulay:  Quantum Views

Of quantum thoughts
I've had a few
Escaping logic with
Strange points of view.   More...

Sandy Lulay is Swans' in-house poet.


Letters to the Editor

On Swans' Analysis of the Balkan Powder Keg


From the Archives

Jan Baughman:  The New Kind of Education

The power elite, with their war on terrorism, anti-free speech, don't criticize the government, and either you're with us or you're with them, have declared their next victim: America's universities and colleges.   More...

Jan Baughman is a Biotech scientist and Swans' co-editor.



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Created: January 26, 2002