Note from the Editor

The media are focusing on WMD gone AWOL and a 16-word story, a summer distraction to be viewed in light of next year's presidential elections. Absent from the news, however, are the concerted efforts to keep the progressive movement in check, and to attempt to emasculate it. The Greens should not fall for the "spoiler" argument. As Richard MacIntosh elaborates on the imperial vision of the Bush II administration and Eli Beckerman laments the cowards in Congress that do nothing to contain it -- did we mention the word "bicephalous?" -- more than ever the Greens need to be represented in these coming elections and progressive democrats should join the Greens (not the other way around).

The only people, beside the Iraqis, who understand the meaning of this "war of liberation" appear to be the increasingly frustrated soldiers and their families. The "bring 'em on" vision thing is not sitting too well with them. Phil Rockstroh provides a glimpse into the embittered psyche of a product of this war machine that cares little about the consequences of spewing money into bombs instead of education, health, or public services -- a choice that will have very negative consequences according to Philip Greenspan. Scott Orlovsky, a high school teacher, looks at the impact of the capitalist and war economy on education, which is profoundly affected by cuts, bankrupting the knowledge and future of children.

This past week was marked by the deaths of two musical legends, African-American jazz legend Benny Carter and Afro-Cuban Compay Segundo, both remembered by Louis Proyect. On the lighter side, Deck Deckert, in the midst of wearing down his physical therapists following a recent stroke is still debating the possibility of impeaching Mr. Bush. (Keep on fighting, Deck!) If laughter is the best medicine, read about Pat Robertson's desperate prayer for three Supreme Court Justices to retire.

The power of America's Christian Right is not to be laughed off though, particularly by women, as Kimberly Blaker demonstrates in her book excerpt. Another book to reach for is War Talk by Arundhati Roy, reviewed here with some commentary on the opportunism of publishers and authors of current events books. Finally, a poem that transcends color and race, and a few colorful Letters to the Editor regarding Michael Parenti's recent article on Tibet.

As always, please form your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes) know about Swans. It's your voice that makes ours grow.


Countdown to November 2004

Gilles d'Aymery:  Peter Camejo-Cynthia McKinney: A Green Presidential Ticket?

Ever since the morning-after of the 2000 US presidential election, which saw the Supreme Court select Mr. Bush against the popular vote, there has been a concerted effort to bring the Greens back into the fold of the so-called progressive wing of the Democratic Party.   More...


Richard Macintosh:  Smoke, Mirrors And Red Herrings

It's the Empire, stupid! The recent wars in the Middle East -- Afghanistan and Iraq -- are about power, winning elections and a Wilsonian vision -- sometimes called "American hegemony."   More...


Eli Beckerman:  The New Cowards In Congress

It has been a long time coming, but the Democrats have been so tortured, so abused by the Republicans and their right-wing defenders, that they are finally striking back.   More...


Patterns Which Connect

Phil Rockstroh:  A Son's Soliloquy

A Son's Soliloquy: I am a man of my times: I owe what I am to you: You are my country, my father, my maker, my destroyer -- my god of war, my angel of perpetual enmity:   More...


Philip Greenspan:  Whether The Superpower Forecast Is Stall And Fall

Only a few years ago financial expectations were most favorable. The stock market was soaring to new heights and the experts were almost unanimous in predicting even higher prices.   More...



Scott Orlovsky:  The Future Of Education

The schools need money. Buildings crumble, class sizes inflate, school budgets are defeated and slashed by city councils, and the intelligence of the average American debilitates every year.   More...


Louis Proyect:  Compay Segundo And Benny Carter

African-American Jazz legend Benny Carter died on July 12, 2003 at the age of 95. Two days later Afro-Cuban musician Compay Segundo, of Buena Vista Social Club fame, died -- he too was 95.   More...


Humor with a Zest

Deck Deckert:  They Would Not Impeach Bush, Would They?

"Why are they cheering?" my Martian friend Yyuran asked as we watched the British Prime Minister Tony Blair speak to a joint session of the US Congress.   More...


Jan Baughman:  A Supreme Being Supreme Court Appeal

Civil liberties ...fundamentalism...women's place in society, no matter your perspective on how the world should be, people on every side of the fence are scared.   More...


Hungry Man, Reach For The Book

Kimberly Blaker:  Your Body . . . Is Not Your Body

The fertility rates of fundamentalists and evangelicals, according to Christopher G. Ellison and Patricia Goodson, in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, are considerably higher than those of mainline Protestants.   More...


Gilles d'Aymery:  Arundhati Roy's War Talk

Supporting our local businesses is sort of a civic duty in this household. A week or so after having received a review copy of Ms. Roy's short collection of essays, War Talk, we made one of our customary visits to Kepler's, our wonderful local bookstore in Menlo Park, CA.   More...



Vanessa Raney:  To Stay Myself Blind

We begin
with the assumption
that what we have
is ours   More...


Letters to the Editor


On Michael Parenti's article on Tibet.   More...



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Created: July 28, 2003